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Event: VO Volcano
Number: 2022-000319
Country: COM Comoros
Location: grand Comore
Date (YMD): 2022-9-25
Information Source:Comoros Red Crescent
Comments: On 15 July 2022, abnormal activity of the Karthala volcano in the Comoros was recorded by the Karthala Volcano Observatory (KVO), which manifested itself as persistent microseisms on the western flank of the island of Ngazidja. Regular observation of the volcano's activities has been initiated by the observatory with regular reports of continued seismic activity. Considering this worrying information transmitted by the Karthala observatory and according to the National Emergency Plan related to Karthala's activities in the country, the Minister of Interior in charge of security launched the yellow alert on 17 August 2022. The country was thus entering the phase of volcanic vigilance. On 22 August, the Directorate of Civil Security convened the first information meeting of all risk and disaster management actors, including the Comoros Red Crescent, to discuss the immediate actions to be taken following the alert. In the Fixed Command Post meeting on 5 September, the Karthala Volcano Observatory showed that the evolution of the volcano is worrying as the seismic movements have decreased and the magma pockets have gone from 12km deep to 1.5km and insisted on vigilance as the magma can move quickly to the surface which can surprise everyone if there is no preparation now. The KVO experts have shown that the reaction of the Karthala volcano can be unpredictable. According to their analysis, this means that there is very little control and certainty over whether the orange or red phase is triggered. This level of volcanic alert may therefore last for days, or weeks or even a year but can also return to a normal situation. The nature of the eruption is not known in advance, but several risks are already identified by the KVO based on current observations and historical data
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