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Event: LS Land Slide
Number: 2017-000009
Country: ARG Argentina
Date (YMD): 2017-1-25
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: On 10 January 2017, the accumulation of precipitation in Jujuy Province (approximately 1,500 km north-west of the city of Buenos Aires) led to landslides and floods in various locations in the department of Tumbaya such as Volcán, Tumbaya and Bárcenas (the most affected); a lesser impact was reported in the cities of León, Santa Barbara, Purmamarca, Humahuaca and San Martín. According to local media and residents, events of similar magnitude occurred in 1939 and 1978. Heavy rainfall has been recorded since early this year in many parts of the country; most of which have been "sudden and with abundant accumulations of water", causing complications at the local level in places such as the provinces of Santa Fe, Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Jujuy. One of the most affected localities is Volcán, the capital of Tumbaya department, which is located 41 km north of the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, the provincial capital. The mud and stones that slid down a hill near this town affected 90 per cent of the community's homes and blocked National Route 9, leaving the population with no access over land. In some areas, mud levels reached 2.2 metres, which led to the evacuation of 296 people, who are currently being housed in 3 temporary collective centres: Parador Laguna, a local church and a National Roads building. One person has been reported missing. Tumbaya, located 7 km north of Volcán (48 km from San Salvador de Jujuy) on National Route N? 9, suffered damage from the landslides and severe flooding, where water levels rose as high as 1.20 metres. The population here is approximately 500 people, of which 150 people (30 per cent of the total population) have been affected. Of these, ten families (about 50 people) had to be evacuated. The only land access to the area from the south on foot until traffic can be resumed over the lone access road (National Route N? 9); however, the area can be supplied from cities located to the north of the province such as Tilcara, as access to those areas is still possible. The town of Bárcena, with a population of 158 people, is located 10 km south of Volcán (31 km north of San Salvador de Jujuy); this entire area has been affected. A total of 100 people have been evacuated, of which 15 are being housed at Mountain Infantry Regiment (RIM 20) facilities, while others were transported to San Salvador de Jujuy. Due to the suddenness of the landslide, two people lost their lives while travelling through the town along National Route 9. The communities of Leon, Santa Barbara, Purmamarca, Humahuaca and San Martín, located north of the landslide in Volcán, were hit by flash floods during this same period; local authorities have assisted the affected families Currently, these communities are without communication, electricity and public services (water and sanitation). In regard to the electrical supply, the government estimates that it could be restored back to normal within the next 48 hours in some areas; however, no estimated time has been given for restoring the drinking water supply and sewage services. Local access to health (emergency services, health centres) is practically impossible due to the mud in the streets, as well as to the damage suffered by the physical facilities that provided these services. The province's Civil Defence Coordination has set up radio communications equipment, but it is not yet known when fixed and mobile telephone service will be restored.
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