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FL-2016-000072-SDN Flood Sudan Heavy rains and flash floods in Singa, the capital of Sennar State have destroyed 1,160 houses and damaged another 1,320 homes, according to the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS). One public building and 36 latrines were destroyed, while another public building and 50 latrines were damaged, according to the findings of a needs assessment in Singa carried out by SRCS, the government's Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the General Directorate of Civil Defense on 17 June. 
FL-2016-000071-LBR Flood Liberia From 29 June 2016, Upper and Lower Margibi County in Liberia experienced widespread flooding, which affected more than 15,000 people (15,431) in 49 communities.  
MS-2016-000070-ARM Mud Slide Armenia On 24 June 2016, as a result of heavy hailstorm and rains, an unprecedented mudflow seriously damaged Karchaghbyur village of Gegharqunik region and Artik city of Shirak region with homes, public buildings, streets and bridges as well as agricultural lands seriously affected. Following the disaster, electric power cuts made response activities even more difficult on the local level.  
OT-2016-000069-IRQ Other Iraq The humanitarian situation in Iraq is severe and has recently escalated with the displacement of large numbers of people affected by fighting in Anbar and Ninevah governorates. It is estimated that the conflict has led to approximately 3.4 million people becoming internally displaced across Iraq, with more than 10 million people overall requiring humanitarian assistance and protection. Since March 2016, the number of people displaced by fighting has reached approximately 131,000 people and continues to rise. 
FL-2016-000068-NPL Flood Nepal Unknown Flash Flood caused devastation in two hydropower projects. Cause may be either Glacier Lake Outburst Flood or Landslide lake Outburst Flood in Tibet, China 
TC-2016-000067-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic On 9 July 2016 Typhoon Nepartak made a second landfall in eastern China's Fujian Province. As of 10 July, authorities reported six people had been killed and eight people were missing. A total of 449,000 people were affected by the typhoon including some 203,000 people in 10 cities who were temporarily evacuated. 
TC-2016-000067-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines Tropical Cyclone Nepartak formed over the northwestern Pacific Ocean near the island of Guam on 3 July. In China, severe weather including heavy rain, strong winds, and hail has caused floods and landslides, especially in the south-eastern parts of the country. Heavy rain and strong winds may affect the south-eastern areas of the country after 8 July. The cyclone entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) in the afternoon of 5 July. 
TC-2016-000067-TWN Tropical Cyclone Taiwan (China) Thousands of tourists have been evacuated from offshore islands ahead of category five Typhoon Nepartak in Taiwan. 
FL-2016-000066-PAK Flood Pakistan Floods in the Chitral district of Pakistan damaged houses and a mosque killing at least 30, officials said. 
ST-2016-000065-HUN SEVERE LOCAL STORM Hungary On 21.06.2016 heavy rains and a hail storm hit a part of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County in the north-eastern part of Hungary. The first reports from the National Disaster Management under the Ministry of Interior (MoI NDGDM) mention more than 750 damaged buildings. 
FL-2016-000064-CHN Flood China, People's Republic Hurricane-force winds, freak hailstorms, pounding rain and a tornado killed 78 people in China's eastern province of Jiangsu on Thursday and injured nearly 500 others 
TO-2016-000064-CHN Tornadoes China, People's Republic Hurricane-force winds, freak hailstorms, pounding rain and a tornado killed 78 people in China's eastern province of Jiangsu on Thursday and injured nearly 500 others 
FL-2016-000063-JPN Flood Japan At least six people died and one was missing on 22 June 2016 as record-breaking rains battered parts of southwestern Japan still reeling from earthquakes two months ago, setting off flooding and landslides. 
FF-2016-000062-IDN Flash Flood Indonesia Flash floods and landslides killed 24 people in Indonesia's Central Java province, officials said on Sunday (19 June 2016), forcing residents to evacuate to safer areas as torrential rains damaged thousands of homes. 
FL-2016-000061-RUS Flood Russia In the period between 4 and 10 June 2016, heavy rains caused severe consequences of disasters in the number of regions of North Caucasus of Russia: Republic of Dagestan, Republic of North Ossetia and Chechen Republic.  
FL-2016-000060-IND Flood India On 8 June 2016, the India Meteorological Department officially announced the onset of the southwest monsoon season. 616 families were affected in Uttarakhand. 
EP-2016-000059-UGA Epidemic Uganda The Ministry of Health of Uganda has reported 68 suspected cases of yellow fever since the beginning of the outbreak on 9 April 2016 to 8 June 2016.  
FL-2016-000058-MMR Flood Myanmar Heavy monsoon rains since the beginning of June have caused flooding in five states and regions of Myanmar. According to the initial reports from the Government Relief and Resettlement Department, at least 26,000 people are affected in Ayeyarwady, Bago and Sagaing regions as well as Chin and Rakhine states. A total of 14 deaths have been reported from the Union-level Relief and Resettlement Department, media sources and the Rakhine State Government. 
EP-2016-000057-SYC Epidemic Seychelles According to the Ministry of Health, 253 people has tested positive for dengue since January up to 21 May 2016. There has been an exponential increase in the number of cases of Dengue from week 16 onwards with the highest weekly confirmed cases recorded being 66 for week 19. In total 175 males and 96 females tested positive for dengue (253 cases). The cases ranged from 2 to 79 years old, with 85% of cases being less than 40 years old. 
FL-2016-000056-USA Flood United States Heavy rain has been falling in parts of Texas since late May. As many as 11 people have now died in floods in Texas since the heavy rain began on 26 May. 
EQ-2016-000055-IDN Earthquake Indonesia On 2 June, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck 79 km off the southwestern coast of West Sumatra province at a depth of 72 km. Authorities reported that the quake damaged a hospital and 912 houses in West Sumatra and Bengkulu provinces. At least 30 people were injured including some during evacuation.  
FL-2016-000054-HTI Flood Haiti More than 9,000 families have been affected and thousands of homes were damaged by floods especially in the West, North, Center, and Nippes department. 
EP-2016-000053-SOM Epidemic Somalia A major spike in cases of acute watery diarrhoea (AWD) and cholera in southern and central Somalia is of serious concern. Over 7,000 AWD/cholera cases have been reported in the first quarter of 2016, a significant increase from the 5,257 cases reported in all of 2015. The data collected from 247 routine sentinel surveillance health facilities indicates that more than half were children under the age of five. Of the 300 deaths reported, 40 per cent were among children under five.  
TC-2016-000052-BGD Tropical Cyclone Bangladesh Humanitarian partners are on alert and making preparations in Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh and Rakhine State in Myanmar/Burma, where the heavy rainfall, wind and storm surge are a source of concern for displaced people living in makeshift or bamboo shelters along the coastline. These areas were seriously affected last year by Cyclone Komen. 
TC-2016-000052-IND Tropical Cyclone India Tropical Cyclone ROANU continued moving north-east over the western Bay of Bengal, near the eastern coasts of India, retaining its intensity. On 20 May at 0.00 UTC its centre was located approx. 80 km south-east of Srikakulam district (Andhra Pradesh state, India) and it had max. sustained wind speed of 83 km/h. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a cyclone alert for the coastal states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The Government of Odisha has also issued warning for 12 districts. Ten teams of the Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF) and fire service personnel have been put on alert to be ready for operation. Over the next 48 h, the cyclone is forecast to strengthen as it continues moving north-east. It may reach Chittagong division (Bangladesh) on 21 May with estimated max. sustained winds of 100-130 km/h. Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge are expected to affect southern Bangladesh and western Myanmar/Burma. A storm surge of 1.5 m is expected on the coastal area of Kutudbia (Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh) on 21 May morning (UTC). 
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