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EQ-2016-000012-TWN Earthquake Taiwan (China) A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan early on 6 February. At least 30 people have been rescued after four buildings collapsed. 
FL-2016-000011-TZA Flood Tanzania Mid-January 2016, heavy rains in Dodoma region caused significant flooding, affecting 546 families and leaving 668 individuals displaced and homeless.  
EP-2016-000010-TON Epidemic Tonga The Minister of Health, Hon. Saia Piukala this morning confirmed in the Legislative Assembly that Zika virus which is spread by mosquito is in Tonga. Five reported cases have now been confirmed by the Health Ministry (Govt. of Tonga, 03 Feb, 2016)  
FL-2016-000009-IDN Flood Indonesia Between 19 and 23 Jan, local authorities reported floods in Sumatra (Jambi and South Sumatra provinces), Java (Central Java and East Java provinces), and Sulawesi (South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi provinces). Following torrential rains, landslides killed three people in Kerinci District, Jambi Province on 20 Jan and one person in Manado Regency, North Sulawesi Province on 21 Jan. This flooding inundated at least 4,900 houses. Local authorities have provided emergency assistance. 
EP-2016-000008-NGA Epidemic Nigeria A suspected outbreak of Lassa viral hemorrhagic fever was announced in Nigeria on 8 January (AFP 13/01/2016). On 14 January, official records states at least 140 suspected cases and 30 confirmed cases, including 53 deaths, in 14 states indicating a case fatality rate (CFR) of 37.9% (NCDC 14/01/2016). As of 20 January, local media has reported as many as 212 suspected cases and 63 deaths in 17 states (IBI 20/01/2016).  
EP-2016-000007-HTI Epidemic Haiti On 18 January 2016, the National IHR Focal Point for Haiti notified PAHO/WHO of 5 laboratory-confirmed cases of Zika virus infection. 
CW-2016-000006-JPN Cold Wave Japan Heavy snow in eastern and northeastern Japan wreaked havoc with transportation systems and injured about 250 people 18 January 2016 as central Tokyo was blanketed with 6 cm. 
OT-2016-000005-LSO Other Lesotho Lesotho last had normal rainfall between April and May 2015. This made it difficult for Basotho (Lesotho people) to be engaged in winter ploughing due to scarce moisture. The first rains were expected between August, September, October and November, but in vain it is reported that vegetation conditions experienced in November 2015 were at their lowest in 15 years. According to the December 2015 FEWSNET report the strong El Niño event enhanced probabilities of below-normal rainfall and continued dry conditions in Southern Africa. Lesotho`s onset of rains was delayed by 30-40 days affecting land preparation and other agricultural activities. Of the few people who managed to plant their fields, the crops are dying off due to this prolonged dry spell. These conditions have also negatively affected livestock conditions due to poor pastures and limited availability of water. The prolonged dry spells and drought not only affected maize production but other crops such as sorghum, beans, peas and wheat have also been affected, and harvests are down and low yields are therefore expected. The drought situation resulted in a 51% cereal deficit of the required 247,000 metric tonnes. Out of 10 districts the 5 hard to reach districts in Lesotho are the most affected including Qacha's Nek, Mokhotlong, Thaba Tseka, Quthing and Mafeteng. 
CW-2016-000004-MNG Cold Wave Mongolia Mongolia is experiencing very low temperatures and heavy snowfall since early November 2015. Temperatures are expected to persist on average of below -25 degrees Celsius during daytime, affecting more than 965,000 people. 
FL-2016-000003-ARG Flood Argentina Heavy rains have been recorded in many parts of Argentina since early December. The most affected provinces in Argentina are Entre Ríos and Corrientes where in total 6 deaths have been registered. In total, 3,430 households (HHs), approximately 17,951 people, have been affected, including 1,073 HHs (5,365 people) who have been displaced.  
DR-2016-000002-COL Drought Colombia Colombia has declared a red alert in 23 provinces because of low water levels in two key rivers which supply hundreds of towns and cities.  
EQ-2016-000001-BGD Earthquake Bangladesh A powerful earthquake struck South Asia before dawn on Monday, killing at least nine people and injuring nearly 200, with efforts to rescue those trapped in rubble hampered by severed power supplies and telecommunication links. Media in Bangladesh reported three people died of heart attacks with police saying at least 90 were injured. 
EQ-2016-000001-IND Earthquake India At least two people were reported dead after a strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck northeast India near the country's borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, sending panicked residents fleeing into the streets. Dozens more were injured in the scramble to escape buildings in India and Bangladesh after they were woken by the early morning tremor.  
OT-2015-000177-HTI Other Haiti Over the past two decades, Haiti has registered collective deportations of tens of thousands of Haitian migrants, most during election periods. An agreement on a repatriation mechanisms protocol was signed in 1999 between the Dominican Republic and Haiti; however, it was never implemented. A review of this protocol has been requested by the Haitian government. In the current environment, it is imperative that steps be considered in order to manage all cases that correspond to the three categories of people identified as migrants and their descendants under Dominican law as: - Group A: People born to foreign parents in the Dominican Republic and recorded in the civil status registries and members of their families; - Group B: Those born in the Dominican Republic, but who have never been recorded in the civil status registries; There is a third category, which consists of economic migrants in irregular situations: - Group C: Immigrants in the Dominican Republic in irregular situations (mostly Haitian) are estimated at over 300,000 people, with around 250,000 who do not have documentation. Currently, there are operations to deport irregular migrants operations (from 500 to 1,000 per week according to information gathered from civil society organizations present at the border), and the deportations are mostly outside of any established repatriation mechanism between the two countries. According to the reports, in addition to the four official border crossings, hundreds of illegal crossing points are used, making the process of identification and the provision of assistance to affected populations very difficult. The Haitian government considers the risks associated with mass deportations as high, with the possibility of spontaneous movements of population on both sides of the border, accompanied by acts of violence or riots. 
FL-2015-000176-BDI Flood Burundi The current rainy season has been causing severe damages to housing due the El Niño climate event since November 2015, and is expected to continue until May 2016. Until mid-January 2016, heavy rains and floods resulted in the damage and/or the destruction of 5,068 houses in Burundi, affecting 30,408 persons who are in need of assistance in shelter/NFI, based on assessments conducted by the authorities with support from the Burundian Red Cross. Out of these affected 5,068 households, 276 found refuge in two IDP sites set up in November 2015 and January 2016 respectively in Rumonge province, with the majority of the households displaced in host families. Heavy rains mixed with strong winds, landslides, floods and thunderstorms also characterized the period from 13 to 25 January all over the country, causing 28 dead and 22 wounded. 703 houses were destroyed and 24 damaged, while 36 schools and 22 bridges were also destroyed, as reported in the assessment conducted by the Provincial Platform for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management, the Red Cross of Burundi, and the Civil Protection. 
EP-2015-000175-BRA Epidemic Brazil In May 2015, Zika virus was first confirmed as the cause of an outbreak of a dengue-like disease in northern and eastern Brazil. In the district of Camaçari and the neighboring city Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, a previously unknown disease affecting patients with flu-like symptoms followed by rash and arthralgia, was shown to be caused by Zika virus by researchers from the Federal University of Bahia using the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technique. The spread followed a pattern similar to an outbreak of chikungunya virus in the same region, another disease previously unknown to the local population. 
ST-2015-000174-BTN SEVERE LOCAL STORM Bhutan The December 26 windstorm has affected the roofs of 80 houses including three government structures in Lunana, Bhutan. 
EQ-2015-000173-AFG Earthquake Afghanistan On 25 December 2015, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Five provinces are affected. 12 people have been injured and 16 houses have been damaged. 
TO-2015-000172-USA Tornadoes United States In southern U.S., severe storms killed at least 11 people, and Mississippi declared a state of emergency in areas pounded by tornadoes. 
FL-2015-000171-PRY Flood Paraguay atypical flash flooding from the overflowing Jejuí, Paraguay, Aguaray mi, Aguaray Guazú Rivers in the department of San Pedro II. According to the second report issued by the San Pedro department operations centre, 17,565 people (3,513 families) have been affected by the rains, flooding, storms, and hail that have been occurring since mid-November - 2,285 people are in shelters and 2,600 people remain cut off. The intense and constant rains during this period have dumped some 350.2mm of rain between 23 November and 14 December.  
TC-2015-000170-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines A tropical depression, locally named "Onyok", is heading for the southern island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines, as people in northern farming regions battle floods from deadly Typhoon Melor. 
FL-2015-000169-KEN Flood Kenya Heavy rainfall has caused floodings in the west and parts of the Rift Valley, central highlands, southeastern lowlands and the coastal region. Garissa and Tana River are particularly affected with more than 100,000 people displaced. 
TC-2015-000168-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines A strong tropical storm barreled toward the Philippines on 13 December 2015, threatening the disaster-prone nation's east coast with giant waves, flooding and landslides, civil defence officials warned. Forecasters said Tropical Storm Melor could strengthen into a full-fledged typhoon by 14 December 2015 when it is expected to strike the central island of Samar. 
VO-2015-000167-ECU Volcano Ecuador On 19 November, an orange alert was declared for the cantons of Quero and Mocha in Tungurahua and the cantons of Penipe and Guano in Chimborazo due to the potential eruption of the Tunguraga Volcano. The total estimated population at risk is 130,042 people. 
EQ-2015-000166-TJK Earthquake Tajikistan On 7 December 2015, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Gorno-Badakhshan left at least two people trapped and killed under the rock-falls, and more than 14 injured. Hundreds of houses are fully or partially damaged, and education and other social facilities have been destroyed or damaged. 
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