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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2017-000012
Country: MOZ Mozambique
Date (YMD): 2017-1-30
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: Since the onset of the rainy season in October 2016, torrential rains falling in central and southern Mozambique have resulted in numerous localized flooding incidents. According to the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), flooding this disaster season has cost the lives of 40 individuals and affected some 18,000 families (70,000 people) (News24 2017). Maputo and Gaza provinces, including the capitol of Maputo, have been the most affected areas of the country followed by Nampula and Sofala provinces. Most recently (14/15 January), flooding in Maputo city killed three people and displaced some 236 families. Additionally, authorities have reported that in recent days in Nampula and Sofala some 1,400 people have been affected by floods including six deaths and more than 200 family displacements (Verdade 2017). On 18 January 2017, the Government activated a nation-wide institutional ?Orange Alert? following the release of medium-term forecasts by the National Meteorological Institute projecting the occurrence of heavy rains and strong winds across the country until March 2017. The decision was announced following a meeting of the Technical Council for Disaster Management and seeks to intensify the Government's monitoring and readiness actions to address the potential impacts of flooding and cyclonic events during the disaster season. The ?Orange Alert? is released in parallel to the ongoing ?Red Alert? issued in 2016 for the southern and central regions of the country to address the effects of the food insecurity situation brought on by the 2015/16 El-Niño induced drought. At present, four river basins--Buzi and Pungue in the central region and Mutamba and Inhanombe in the southern region?are at ?alert? level and are expected to breach within the next 72 hours. The breach of these river basis is expected to cause floods in Govuro (North of Inhambane Province) and in Machanga (South of Sofala Province). According to the National Institute of Meteorology (INAM), heavy winds, strong storms and rain is expected from 25 - 26 January in Maputo Province and City and in Gaza Province. Between 30 and 50 millimeters of rain is expected to fall in 24 hours, which has the potential to affect the Provinces of Maputo (Districts of Matutuine, Boane, Namaacha, Manhiça, Marracuene, Moamba, Magude, Cities of Maputo and Matola), and Gaza (Districts of Bilene, Guijá, Chibuto, Mabalane, Massingir, Massagena, Chibuto, Chicualacuala, Chigubo, Cities of Chókwé and Xai-xai).
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