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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2017-000018
Country: PER Peru
Date (YMD): 2017-2-16
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: On 1 to 2 February 2017, there was heavy rainfall (115 litres per metre2) for approximately 14 consecutive hours in the Province of Chiclayo, which produced a total of 510,000 cubic metres of rainfall; the magnitude of the rainfall can only be compared to that of the rainfall caused by the El Niño phenomenon on 14 February 1998. The intense rains have affected a total of 32 districts in the provinces of Lambayeque, Ferreñafe and Chiclayon, causing outages in electrical service and the water system and many sections of the sewer system to collapse; moreover, the collection of solid waste has been halted, causing contamination and the appearance of vectors in the areas most affected by the flooding.
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