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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2017-000021
Country: ZAF South Africa
Date (YMD): 2017-2-18
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: The South African Weather Service says?tropical cyclone Dineo?is weaker than forecasters predicted and has now been downgraded to a status of ?tropical depression ex-Dineo'.The strong winds have died down from 120 kilometres per hour, to 80 kilometres per hour in Mozambique. The weather service says despite the downgrade, residents in parts of the country can still expect flooding and heavy rains. Limpopo?later on Thursday afternoon as well as KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga. It is forecasted that the tropical cyclone lost momentum when it crossed the inland and missed the ocean. ?We expected it to be downgraded because the cyclone moved over land and it needs heat from the ocean to survive.? In view of the projected needs, and after analysing demands on its capacity, the South African Red Cross Society has requested support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cross (IFRC) to support response efforts. At this moment IFRC is making provision from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the mobilisation of Red Cross personnel, relief supplies and specialised equipment closer to areas that are likely to be affected. This will enable SARCS to undertake rapid assessments and immediate distribution of relief supplies after Cyclone DINEO's landfall. Based on further information on rapid assessments to be conducted on Friday 17 February 2017, daytime, when conditions are safe, additional assistance will most likely be requested through IFRC.
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