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Event: EP Epidemic
Number: 2017-000085
Country: NGA Nigeria
Date (YMD): 2017-6-18
Information Source:WHO
Comments: On 18 June 2017, the Nigerian Ministry of Health notified [WHO] of an outbreak of hepatitis E located in the north-east region of the country. The first case was detected on 3 May 2017 in Damasak, a locality at the border with the Republic of the Niger...As of 2 July 2017, 146 confirmed and suspected cases were reported including 21 confirmed cases...This area is characterized by a hepatitis E outbreak in neighbouring Chad and in Republic of the Niger. The ongoing humanitarian crisis and insecurity, high numbers of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) and refugees, and poor access to safe water leads to the spread of disease. There are also an increasing number of displaced persons moving back to the region post occupation. In addition, the potential cross-border contamination and subsequent increased risk of spread from Republic of the Niger and other neighbouring countries should be considered. There are a number of refugee and IDP camps that are overcrowded and have poor sanitation conditions thereby increasing the risk of hepatitis E. Therefore the observed risk at the national level is high.
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