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Event: TS Tsunami
Number: 2017-000142
Country: TUR Turkey
Location: Bodrum
Date (YMD): 2017-7-20
Time: 22.31 UTC
Magnitude: 6.7M
Information Source:GDACS,USGS
Comments: An earthquake of magnitude 6.7 M and 10 km depth occurred in the Aegean Sea near the south-west of Turkey and north-east of Kos island (Greece) on 20 July at 22.31 UTC. The epicenter was located in the sea between Turkey and Kos island. The earthquake caused a Tsunami which affected the coast of Bodrum peninsula and the northeast coast of Kos island. A post-event Tsunami Survey was conducted by an international team, composed of representatives from Turkey (KOERI, METU, Local Authorities of Bodrum) and Greece (NOA and Local Authorities of Kos) and the Joint Research Centre from the European Commission. From the collected information, the Gumbet Bay area, close to Bodrum, is the most hit and damaged by the tsunami with more than 1.9 m of flow depth at a certain location and the inundation reached up to 60 m. The island of Kos was hit by Tsunami and Earthquake: most of the damage occurred in the port where a wave height of about 1.5 m has been detected. Several boats have been relocated or damaged. A complete report has been produced and is available at this address:
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