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Event: CW Cold Wave
Number: 2018-000003
Country: BGD Bangladesh
Location: Rangpur, Rajshahi, Mymensigh
Date (YMD): 2018-1-12
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: A cold wave has been sweeping across six divisions of Bangladesh since 4th of January 2018. On 8th of January, the temperature in Tetulia dropped to 2.9 Celcius, which is close to the all-time cold-record of 2.6 Celcius (measured in 1968). Currently, the worst hit districts are Rajshahi and Chuadanga with the average temperature of 4-6 Celcius degrees (severe cold wave). Those living in poverty, particularly children and elderly, have been worst affected by the cold temperatures. At least 29 people have died as a result of the cold wave. According to the current forecast, here is a slight chance that the temperatures may increase in the following week.
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