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Event: CW Cold Wave
Number: 2018-000011
Country: MNG Mongolia
Date (YMD): 2018-1-25
Information Source:OCHA
Comments: As of 20 December 2017, the dzud risk map for winter 2017-2018, published by National Agency of Meteorology and the Environmental Monitoring shows that about 40 percent of the country is at the extreme risk of dzud and about 20 percent of the country is at high risk of dzud. - IFRC, 24 Jan 2018, ( According to the joint FAO/WFP Crop and Livestock Assessment Mission report, released on 22 December, the 2017 wheat output, the country's main staple, is estimated at 231 000 tonnes, half of the previous year's high level and more than 40 percent lower than the average of the previous five years. The decrease is the result of a prolonged period of severe dry weather between mid-May and end-July, coupled with extreme high temperatures in June, which resulted in a considerable decrease in plantings, widespread crop losses and sharply reduced yields. - GIEWS, 15 Jan 2018(
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