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Event: FF Flash Flood
Number: 2018-000030
Country: KEN Kenya
Location: Eastern, Central, Nyanza, Coast provinces
Date (YMD): 2018-3-20
Duration: 15
Magnitude: 1.0
Information Source:Kenya Meteorological Department, Media
Comments: Heavy rain has been affecting the central, the south-west and south-east areas of the country, including also the capital Nairobi, since the beginning of the month, causing floods, flash floods and casualties. According to media, as of 20 March, the death toll has reached at least 15 people in the provinces of Central, Nyanza and Eastern. They also reported, as of the same date, that around 1 000 people were evacuated in the counties of Makueni (Eastern province), Kilifi and Tana (Coast province).
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