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Event: OT Other
Number: 2018-000155
Country: CMR Cameroon
Date (YMD): 2018-9-25
Information Source:
Comments: Since October 2016, the North West (NW) and South West (SW) regions of Cameroon have been experiencing social instability coupled with violence that has a negative impact on the socio-economic fabric of the country. In October 2017, the crisis escalated into an armed conflict, with various confrontations registered between armed groups and the security and defence forces. Since then, abductions and assassinations have been recorded, in addition to sporadic attacks on government institutions and civilians trapped in the cross fire. Population movement into Nigeria and other regions of Cameroon were noted as early as in January 2018, but as of 15 September 2018, the crisis took an unprecedented turn, with scores of people fleeing from these crisis-torn regions. Indeed, the armed groups circulated a note announcing that any entry and exit into and from these affected regions will be banned as of 25th September 2018 to ensure no campaign or elections holds in these regions. Presidential elections in Cameroon is set to hold on 7 October 2018 in an extremely tense socio-political context.
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