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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2019-000058
Country: TJK Tajikistan
Location: Khation and Sughd Provinces, Rudaky and Fayzobod Direct Ruled
Date (YMD): 2019-6-17
Information Source:IFRC/Tajikistan Red Crescent Society
Comments: Continuous heavy rains resulted in mudflows and floods countrywide between 1 and 7 June 2019. In total, 10 mid-scale mudflows and floods have occurred throughout Tajikistan. 1350 households (6,750 people) were heavily affected in Khatlon province (Vose, Farkhor, Temurmalik, Pyanj and Khuroson districts), Sughd province (Devashtich, Isfara, Penjikent and Knibodom districts) and in Direct Ruled Districts (DRD) Rudaky and Fayzobod . At least 4 persons were killed in Khuroson, Penjikent and Pyanj. The mudflows repeatedly hit the same locations (in Farkhor and Vose) on 6 June 2019. Around 650 households were evacuated to neighboring villages into safe places. The Government commenced relief operations in all the affected districts and calls for assistance from in-country humanitarian partners. According to the results of the preliminary assessment conducted by the National Emergency Response Commission, as of 7 June 2019, at least 1,350 houses have suffered damage as a result of the floods and mudlows. Our of these, 354 are totally or partially destroyed. Moreover, mudflows and floods have caused significant damage to assets including crops, livestock, food and water supply networks. Furthermore, infrastructure, such as roads and bridges connecting the villages have been destroyed, thus increasing the humanitarian needs of the affected population.
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