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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2019-000116
Country: ETH Ethiopia
Date (YMD): 2019-9-24
Information Source:OCHA, 15 Sep 2019
Comments: Regions continue to report incidences of flooding which is affecting the lives and livelihood of communities and causing displacement in several woredas. Official request from Afar, Amhara, Oromia and SNNP regions indicate that flood has affected and displaced nearly 30,000 people (?6,000 HHs). Dubti, Dolecha, Gelalo, Teru, Awash- fentale woredas in Afara region, Libo - kemekem and Fogera in Amhara reion, Illu and Sebeta Hawas woredas in oromia region, and Silte in SNNP are among the most severely affected by flood. The largest flood-induced IDPs (?17,000) are found in Afar region, the majority of whom are in Dubti woreda. Flood also displaced some 6,615 IDPs in Illu and Sebeta-hawase woredas in Southwest Shewa Zone of Oromia region, some 700 people in Libokemekem woreda South Gonder zone of Amhara region and some 1,284 people in Silite woreda, Silite Zone of SNNP region. Findings of the joint rapid assessment in flood affected woredas in Shaballe zone also indicate over 1,600 HH were displaced and 2,350HH affected by flash floods in Kalafo and Mustahil woredas, damaging over 2,600 hectares of farmland. The Government of Ethiopia has allocated and dispatched some 4,309 Quintals of food (Cereal, CSB, Biscuit, and Oil) and some partial kits of NFIs. Shelter and NFIs remain to be the biggest challenge in the ongoing flood response. IRC is planning to distribute NFIs in some affected woredas of Afar region.
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