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EP-2019-000106-DOM Epidemic Dominican Republic The Ministry of Public Health declared an epidemiological alert on 5 July 2019 due to the sustained increase in dengue cases in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, so far there have been 8,855 cases of dengue (compared to only 711 cases in 2018 as of Epidemiological Week 33), 189 cases of severe dengue and 12 people have died so far due to dengue. This current epidemic event is affecting 29 of 32 provinces in the country. The province of San Jose de Ocoa is under a Red Alert while remaining provinces are under Yellow Alert.  
EP-2019-000105-COL Epidemic Colombia Colombia's National Institute of Health has reported 84,664 cases of dengue and 919 cases of severe dengue so far. As of Epidemiological Week 35 (25-31 August), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) indicated that Colombia has the second highest incidence of the Americas region in this new cycle of the epidemic. The cases have been centered in the departments of Meta, Tolima, Huila, Santander, Norte de Santander, Casanare, Cesar and Antioquia, which represent 66.2% of cases nationwide. This outbreak has caused 169 deaths in 2019 so far.  
FL-2019-000104-THA Flood Thailand In Thailand, 19 deaths have been reported, 158,000 are affected and more than 4,300 buildings damaged 
FL-2019-000103-LAO Flood Lao People's Democratic Republic Floods caused by the passage of Tropical Cyclone PODUL and Tropical Depression KAJIKI have resulted in 14 fatalities and 1 missing person across Laos, as of 10 September. The most affected areas are the southern Provinces of Attapeu, Champasak, Khammouan, Saravan, Savannakhet, and Sekong. Over 1 million people are affected (approximately 150,000 families) and 102,000 have been displaced. 
TC-2019-000102-PRK Tropical Cyclone Korea, Democratic People's Republic GDACS - High humanitarian impact, max wind speed 231 km/h  
FL-2019-000101-NER Flood Niger Rainfall since June has provoked flooding in several localities, killing 42 people. The number of victims has dramatically increased during the last week of August, when the waters of the Niger basin have reached the flood stage. According to the authorities, the floods so far have destroyed 5,497 homes and affected the lives of 66,464 people. The National Forecast Agency estimates that the waters will continue rising over the next days due to heavy rains in the Niger basin and the overload of dams in Burkina Faso and Mali.  
FL-2019-000100-MLI Flood Mali Mali recorded from 24 to 27 August, flooding in several parts of the country. These floods come as a result of heavy rains. This situation has caused enormous damage, in the affected localities across the country. As of 28 August, about 6,474 people (1,729 households) in Koulikoro, Tombouctou, Kidal, Mopti and Ménaka were reported to be affected and at least 854 houses destroyed. In many of these areas, floods have had severe consequences on livelihoods and food stocks have been washed away by the flood water.  
TC-2019-000099-BHS Tropical Cyclone Bahamas Hurricane Dorian struck the northern Bahamas on Sunday September 1, 2019, as a catastrophic Category 5 storm, its 185 mph winds ripping off roofs and tearing down power lines as hundreds hunkered in schools, churches and other shelters. The second-strongest Atlantic hurricane since 1950, Dorian hit land in Elbow Cay in the Abaco Islands. Damage assessment are ongoing.  
FL-2019-000098-CAF Flood Central African Republic The city of Paoua and Pouma?dji village experienced floods in the night of 19 to 20 August 2019. These floods caused significant material and human damage. Provisional reports indicate that at least 295 households or 1,475 people, including 347 men, 356 women and 772 children are affected. One death and five injuries have been recorded 
FL-2019-000097-JPN Flood Japan Torrential rain hit southwestern Japan on 28 August 2019, prompting local and prefectural governments to instruct hundreds of thousands of people to evacuat. 
WF-2019-000096-BOL Wild fire Bolivia Based on information received from the Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA) on August 26th, 521 thousand hectares are affected by fire forest in the Chiquitania region, Department of Santa Cruz, and 274 hectares of crops affected. Medias inform that the fires destroyed 738 thousand hectares. The presence of heat sources is 497. The greatest heat sources are located in the municipalities of Puerto Suarez (208), San Matías (88), Concepción (43) and San José de Chiquitos (41). (OCHA, Aug 27) 
TC-2019-000095-DOM Tropical Cyclone Dominican Republic Tropical Storm Dorian is forecast to be near hurricane strength when it moves close to Puerto Rico and eastern Hispaniola on 28 and 29 August. 
FL-2019-000094-GTM Flood Guatemala An Orange alert warning has been declared in the Departments of Escuintla y Suchitepéquez. According to the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED), as of 23 August, one person has died, 104 have been injured, 62 evacuated and one is still missing. At least 63,349 people have been affected, 104 houses have been damaged, seven roads flooded and two bridges partially destroyed. The national response system (CONRED) is activated and responding. 
FL-2019-000093-NGA Flood Nigeria In June, flooding and windstorms in North-East Nigeria impacted camps and camp-like settings, as well as the delivery of food assistance. Heavy rains and flooding in some cases damaged latrines and bathing shelters in several areas.  
FL-2019-000092-VNM Flood Viet Nam Several provinces in the center, central highlands, and south of Vietnam have been impacted by floods following torrential rain over a number of days. The worst affected provinces are Kien Giang followed by Lam Dong. Other provinces affected include Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Kon Tum, Dong Nai, Binh Thuan and Binh Phuoc. According to a report issued by the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control (NCDPC), as of 10 August 2019, 10 deaths have been reported while four people injured and over 1,985 people evacuated. In total 12,141 houses are affected by the floods. In addition, households have lost livestock, gardens and other assets. 
TC-2019-000091-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, max wind speed 241 km/h  
EP-2019-000090-NIC Epidemic Nicaragua The Nicaraguan Government declared the epidemiological alert after the increase in dengue cases on July 31, 2019. According to the Nicaraguan Government, so far there have been 55,289 suspected cases with 84 confirmed cases, representing an increase of 138% suspected cases compared with 2018. So far, Nicaragua has reported 7 people killed due to dengue. 
FL-2019-000089-SLE Flood Sierra Leone Floods and landslides have affected the capital city of the country, Freetown, triggered by heavy and continuous downpour experienced on 1st August 2019 from 10:00pm until the next morning on 2nd August 2019. The raging floods resulted in substantial destruction of houses, road networks and destroyed the livelihoods of approximately 896 households (5,381 people). 
EP-2019-000088-GTM Epidemic Guatemala The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) declared a red epidemiological alert due to the number of reported dengue and severe dengue cases, and departments affected by this disease, which exceed 75% of the country. 73 suspected cases of Dengue Grave have been identified, of which 22 have been confirmed, 17 have died. The general lethality rate of the country is 0.24% (higher than the lethality rate of the Americas 0.05%). For severe dengue, according to the age group, 67% (49/73) cases investigated correspond to children under 15 years and 56% (41/73) of females. 
FL-2019-000087-PAK Flood Pakistan Heavy rainfall has been affecting north and north-eastern Pakistan, triggering flash floods and landslides. According a government report, as of 28 July, 64 people have died, more than 71 have been injured and at least 160 houses have been damaged. 
EQ-2019-000086-PHL Earthquake Philippines Two moderate-sized earthquake with Magnitude 5.4 and 5.9 occurred on 27 July 2019, 4:16 AM and 7:13 AM (local time) respectively in the province of Batanes of the Philippines. Approximately 3,000 persons were affected. 
EP-2019-000085-PHL Epidemic Philippines With 106,630 dengue cases reported through the Philippines Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (PIDSR) system from 1 January to 29 June 2019, including 456 deaths, the current dengue incidence is 85% higher than in 2018, in spite of a delayed rainy season. Whereas the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 0.43% as of 29 June 2019 is lower than in the same time period in 2018 (0.55%), this is still significantly higher than the regional average of 0.22% in the Western Pacific. The Philippines Department of Health (DoH) declared a National Dengue Alert on 15 July 2019, urging regional DoH offices to step up dengue surveillance, case management and outbreak response in primary health facilities and hospitals, as well as through community and school-based health education campaigns, clean-up drives, surveillance activities, case investigations, vector control, and logistics support for dengue control (insecticides, RDTs, medicine, etc) in line with an Advisory on Dengue Preparedness and Outbreak Response issued earlier this year. The National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC), raised the code blue alert, activating the national Health Cluster, led by DoH. 
FL-2019-000084-IND Flood India Over 700 people have been moved to relief camps in the state of Assam...after flooding caused by the overflowing Brahmaputra, Barak and Jia Bhoreli rivers. According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), as of 26 June, 2019, flooding has affected around 5,000 people in 12 villages of Chirang and Jorhat districts. Around 550 people had moved from their homes to stay in relief centres set up in Bijni, Chirang district, and a further 183 were staying in camps in Jorhat West, Jorhat district. 
FL-2019-000083-NPL Flood Nepal As of 15 July, 64 people have died, at least 31 are missing and 32 others have been injured. 33,113 have been affected, and 3,186 families displaced. In the last seven days, 75 landslides and 54 flood events occurred across the country...A yellow warning for river overflow has been issued for Kamala River at Titriya locality and the floodgates of Kulekhani dam have been preventitively opened.  
FL-2019-000081-MMR Flood Myanmar Torrential monsoon rains and rising river levels have caused flooding. In Kachin State, according to the State Government, more than 6,200 people have been evacuated to 39 sites in Myitkyina, Bhamo and Shwegu townships as of 13 July. Rakhine, Chin and Mon states are also being hit by floods.  
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Disasters on or after week 41
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Flood,Hungary: Devastating storm cells hit Eastern Hungary on 27th afternoon, leaving 80 settlements affected by damages caused by strong wind and heavy rainfall.

Earthquake,Philippines: Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 6.4M tsunami generates 0m

Tropical Cyclone,Japan: Typhoon Hagibis, the most powerful tropical storm to hit Tokyo in decades, plowed a large portion of Japan's main island on Saturday evening and early Sunday, bring torrential rains and high-speed winds that paralyzed the capital and neighboring prefectures. Millions of residents in a dozen prefectures were affected by the highest level of emergency evacuation notices on Saturday night and early Sunday.

Other,Ecuador: Following the 1 October 2019 issue of Executive Decree No. 883 that contains a series of economic measures, the first manifestations of discontent began on the morning of 3 October 2019 in 24 provinces of Ecuador. Transport associations led the work stoppage by blocking 110 interprovincial roads and main thoroughfares in the country's largest cities. On 3 October, the President issued a state of emergency for 60 days, which the Constitutional Court approved and decreased to 30 days. A curfew was issued on 8 October for areas near government buildings.

Other,Cyprus: Currently, monthly migrant arrivals are, on average, more than two hundred fifty (250); a number which has been maintained, since April 2019. This influx, which began during September 2018, has been progressively increasing at an alarming rate, surpassing all expectations/predictions in May 2019. Most of the new migrant arrivals up to June 2019 were men of Syrian origin. However, according to the UNHCR, since the 1st of June 2019, Turkey, following negotiations with the occupied areas ?authorities', introduced a visa requirement for all Syrians who wish to travel to the occupied areas of Cyprus. Therefore, the Syrians are now required to pay for a visa in order to enter the occupied areas of Cyprus from Turkey, which translates to a significant cost, as well as a long waiting period, and a possibility of rejecting their visa request. For this reason, the number of migrants of Syrian origin diminished, while concomitantly the number of migrants of African origin increased. Indeed, according to UNHCR findings, African nationals enter the occupied areas to study in the Universities located there; however, they are tricked about the living conditions and job opportunities, while the recognition of their University degrees is questionable (Maren Wickwire: Manifest Media for Foreign Policy - Unable to survive and desperate to avoid exploitation, they are fleeing from the occupied areas to the areas controlled by the Government of Cyprus, seeking asylum. Stemming from the above, it is evident that the pattern of arrivals cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty and are not dependent on weather conditions.

Flood,Cote d'Ivoire: The rainy season has started in Côte d''Ivoire with heavy rainfall in some parts of the country resulting in floods. Thus, the weekend from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 October 2019 was marked by floods causing significant damage and loss of life. These floods affected a total of 06 cities including Abidjan, Aboisso, Ayamé, Grand Bassam, Alépé and Man.

Tropical Cyclone,Fiji: Tropical Disturbance, TD03F was upgraded to a depression on 31th Jan 2018 at 6 AM. Tropical Depression, TD03F center was located near 11 degrees' south latitude and 172 degrees' east longitude or about 470km west-northwest of Rotuma and about 860km northwest of Nadi. TD03F may intensify further into a category 1 tropical cyclone in the next 12 to 18 hours with average winds of 65km/hr and momentary gusts to 90km/hr close to the centre. TD03F is moving southeast at about 25km/hr.