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DR-1998-000160-VNM Drought Viet Nam 3 million people were affected by the drought. 
EQ-1998-000152-AFG Earthquake Afghanistan  
FL-1998-000112-TZA Flood Tanzania  
FL-1998-000111-TJK Flood Tajikistan  
EQ-1998-000110-SVN Earthquake Slovenia  
ST-1998-000090-VUT SEVERE LOCAL STORM Vanuatu  
WF-1998-000088-PHL Wild fire Philippines  
DR-1998-000087-FSM Drought Micronesia, Federated States 28,800 were reported to be affected. 
FL-1998-000085-IRN Flood Iran, Islamic Republic  
EQ-1998-000084-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic  
FL-1998-000080-ARG Flood Argentina  
EQ-1998-000076-CHN Earthquake China, People's Republic A powerful earthquake struck Zhangjiankou Prefecture of northern Hebei Province just before noon local time (0350 GMT) on 10 January. The epicentre of the 6.2 Richter magnitude (5.8 on the body wave scale) quake was 33 kilometres (20 miles) below the earth?s surface at 41.33N and 114.71E.. 
DR-1998-000074-GUY Drought Guyana 607,200 were affected. 
WF-1998-000070-BRA Wild fire Brazil  
FL-1998-000053-ZMB Flood Zambia  
ST-1998-000051-TON SEVERE LOCAL STORM Tonga  
FL-1998-000048-PAK Flood Pakistan  
ST-1998-000046-CHN SEVERE LOCAL STORM China, People's Republic  
EQ-1998-000043-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic  
FL-1998-000040-URY Flood Uruguay  
EQ-1998-000026-AFG Earthquake Afghanistan  
SL-1998-000019-MOZ SLIDE (use LS/ AV/MS instead) Mozambique  
TC-1998-000012-HND Tropical Cyclone Honduras Hurricane Mitch is one the most deadly hurricane to strike the Western Hemisphere in the last two centuries. Death toll is reported as 11,000 with thousands of others missing. More than three million people were either homeless or severely affected. Estimates of the total damage from the storm are at $5 billion and rising. In Honduras, the extreme flooding and mudslides caused by the hurricane killed over 6,500, with several thousand missing.  
TC-1998-000012-NIC Tropical Cyclone Nicaragua Though Mitch never entered Nicaragua, its large circulation caused extensive rainfall. An estimated 3800 dead with perhaps as many as 7,000 others still missing. Two million people directly affected and 500,000 - 800,000 homeless.  
TC-1998-000011-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The typhoon Babs (Loleng/T9811) killed 201, affected 2,093,778 and caused US$77,100,000 damage in Philippines. 
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From: 2018/9/9  To: 2018/9/19

Tropical Cyclone,China, People's Republic: GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, max wind speed 287 km/h

Tropical Cyclone,Viet Nam: GDACS - High humanitarian impact, max wind speed 287 km/h

Tropical Cyclone,Philippines: Typhoon Mangkhut is currently around 1,200km east of southern Luzon (13.8 N 136.3 E), moving west at 20kph, and with maximum sustained winds of 250kph near the centre and gustiness of up to 310kph. It has been classified as a Category 5 cyclone (Super typhoon). The typhoon is expected to maintain its strength before landfall. According to forecasts, the typhoon will make landfall over Santa Ana municipality in Cagayan province between the evening of 14 September and early morning of 15 September, with Category 4 winds, before making a second landfall over the Babuyan Islands, around 25km north of Luzon landmass. The typhoon will move across the Babuyan channel, on the northern coast of Luzon, sustaining its Category 4 winds for 24 hours. Mangkhut exits PAR by 08H00, 16 September 2018. Although the eye of the storm is not likely to traverse through Luzon landmass, the strength and the size of the typhoon (700-900km wide) is expected to cause substantial damage in communities in the provinces of Apayao, Batanes, Ilocos Norte and Cagayan, and in the Babuyan Group of Islands. Around 2 million people (almost 450,000 households) live in these areas. Storm surges of 6 to 7 metres are also expected along the northern coast and across the islands, with the typhoon expected to make landfall on a high tide (more than 1 metre). Other provinces such as Isabela, Kalinga, Abra, Mountain Province and Ilocos Sur are also expected to sustain direct wind damage from the typhoon. Heavy torrential rain is also expected over these areas, which may also trigger landslides in mountain communities and flash floods particularly near rivers and major tributaries.