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FR-1995-000005-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam In 1995, 8 people has been killed by urban fire affecting 74 houses (Single houses and terrace housing) and 46 building (Apartment, Commercial and Goverment Office), cost lost damage BND$ 9,069,257.65. 
FR-1995-000004-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam Urban fires caused 74 houses and caused 46 apartment, commercials and goverment offices affected.Estimated about BND$9069257.65 losses. 
EQ-1995-000003-JPN Earthquake Japan The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995 in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. Approximately 6,434 people (final estimate as of 2006), mainly in Kobe, lost their lives as a result of the earthquake. It measured 7.2 on the Richter magnitude scale. 
ST-1995-000002-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States Torrential rains, hail, and tornadoes across Texas - Oklahoma and southeast Louisiana - southern Mississippi, with Dallas and New Orleans areas (10-25 inches in 5 days) hardest hit; $5.0-$6.0 (6.5-7.1) billion damage/costs; 32 deaths. 
TO-1995-000002-USA Tornadoes United States Torrential rains, hail, and tornadoes across Texas - Oklahoma and southeast Louisiana - southern Mississippi, with Dallas and New Orleans areas (10-25 inches in 5 days) hardest hit; $5.0-$6.0 (6.5-7.1) billion damage/costs; 32 deaths. 
TC-1995-000001-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Opal struck as a category 3 and impacted the Florida panhandle, Alabama, western Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and the western Carolinas, causing storm surge, wind, and flooding damage. NOAA reports $3 billion in damages. There were 9 direct deaths: Florida (1 from a tornado), Alabama (2 from a tree falling on a mobile home), Georgia (5 from falling trees), and North Carolina (1 from a tree falling on a mobile home).  
ST-1994-000006-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States A severe ice storm struck the southeastern part of the country and caused upwards of $5 billion worth of damage to more than ten states in early and mid February.  
FL-1994-000005-USA Flood United States Southeast Texas was hit with torrential rain and thunderstorms that caused flooding throughout the region.  
TO-1994-000004-USA Tornadoes United States An outbreak of tornadoes hit the South, Southwest,Southeast and Midwestern parts of the United States in late April. 
EQ-1994-000003-COL Earthquake Colombia Tierradentro Earthquake Paez 
EQ-1994-000002-USA Earthquake United States The Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994, struck a modern urban environment generally designed for seismic resistance. There were few casualties, but economic cost was high with losses estimated at $20 billion. Location: 34? 12.80' N, 118? 32.22' W 20 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles 1 mile south-southwest of Northridge. 
TC-1994-000001-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Remnants of slow-moving Alberto brought torrential 10-25 inch rains in 3 days, widespread flooding, and agricultural damage in parts of Georgia, Alabama, and panhandle of Florida. Overall, flash flooding and flooding caused by the rainfall from Alberto took 33 lives, destroyed thousands of homes (including some entire communities), forced approximately 50,000 people to be evacuated, and caused property damage (including lost crops) estimated as high as $750 million. 
DR-1993-000006-USA Drought United States Severe drought conditions and extreme high temperatures lasted throughout the summer months for much of the southeastern part of the country.The monetary values of crop losses were estimated at $264 million for South Carolina,$165 million for North Carolina, and $500 million for Georgia. 
FL-1993-000005-USA Flood United States Severe and widespread flooding persisted for much of the summer across the upper Midwest causing more than $34 billion worth of damage. 
LS-1993-000004-MYS Land Slide Malaysia The Highland Towers were 3 blocks of 12-story apartment, each block was respectively named Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3. Block 1 collapsed when 10 continuous days of rainfall led to a landslide after the retaining wall of the towers car park failed. 
EQ-1993-000003-IND Earthquake India Latur Earthquake 
ST-1993-000002-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States "Storm of the Century" hits entire eastern seaboard with tornadoes, high winds, and heavy snows (2-4 feet); $5.0-$6.0 (6.3-7.6) billion damage/costs; approximately 270 deaths. 
FL-1993-000001-USA Flood United States Also known as the Great Flood of 1993; Severe, widespread flooding in central U.S. due to persistent heavy rains and thunderstorms; approximately $21.0 (26.7) billion damage/costs; 48 deaths. 
TC-1992-000004-MMR Tropical Cyclone Myanmar 27 dead in Man-aung,Rambre,Kyaukpyu,Thandwe,Taungote and damage cost more than 150.0 million kyat. 
FR-1992-000003-SGP Fire Singapore The fire occurred at the boiler room of the ship tanker "Stolt Spur". Investigation revealed that the cause of the fire was due to the flammable liquid / solvents coming into contact with the naked flame (hot work) at the boiler flat level of the ship. A total of 6 people died in this tragic fire, 60 others were injured and the estimated property loss was in the region of 4 million dollars 
TC-1992-000002-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Andrew (category 5) hit Florida and Louisiana, high winds damage or destroy over 125,000 homes. NOAA reports $26.5 billion in damages. NOAA reports 23 direct deaths (38 indirect deaths). 
TC-1992-000001-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Iniki (category 4) hit Hawaiian island of Kauai; about $1.8 (2.4) billion damage/costs; 7 deaths. 
FR-1991-000004-MMR Fire Myanmar Meikhtila fire that destroyed 3261 houses and killed 31 people and damaged properties worth 695 million kyat on 7 April 1991. 
VO-1991-000003-PHL Volcano Philippines Mt.Pinatubo eruption 
TC-1991-000002-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Bob (category 2) hit mainly coastal North Carolina, Long Island, and New England. NOAA reports $1.5 billion in damages. Bob was responsible for six deaths in the region, all in Connecticut. 
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