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DR-1997-000300-SLB Drought Solomon Islands The Solomon Islands have also experienced severe drought. Since June, below average rainfalls have been recorded. 
FL-1997-000299-PRY Flood Paraguay  
ST-1997-000298-PER SEVERE LOCAL STORM Peru  
FL-1997-000295-COD Flood Congo Democratic Republic  
ST-1997-000275-MEX SEVERE LOCAL STORM Mexico  
FL-1997-000270-ETH Flood Ethiopia  
ST-1997-000267-VNM SEVERE LOCAL STORM Viet Nam  
FL-1997-000265-SOM Flood Somalia  
DR-1997-000263-PNG Drought Papua New Guinea 60 people were killed and 500,000 were affected by the drought. 
WF-1997-000262-TZA Wild fire Tanzania  
FL-1997-000260-IND Flood India  
ST-1997-000259-COK SEVERE LOCAL STORM Cook Islands Tropical Cyclone (TC) Martin began affecting the Cook Islands on 1 November 1997 and continued on a south-southeast track. During 1 and 2 November, the Northern Group outer islands of the Cooks have been battered by intense winds and sea surge. 
FL-1997-000255-KEN Flood Kenya  
EQ-1997-000247-CHL Earthquake Chile  
DR-1997-000244-IDN Drought Indonesia 672 people were killed with 1,065,000 affected. 
ST-1997-000243-MEX SEVERE LOCAL STORM Mexico  
ST-1997-000235-BGD SEVERE LOCAL STORM Bangladesh  
DR-1997-000227-NIC Drought Nicaragua 290,000 people were affected. 
WF-1997-000220-IDN Wild fire Indonesia  
FL-1997-000207-SYC Flood Seychelles  
IN-1997-000202-MDG Insect Infestation Madagascar  
ST-1997-000200-BLR SEVERE LOCAL STORM Belarus  
FL-1997-000199-BEN Flood Benin  
ST-1997-000180-PHL SEVERE LOCAL STORM Philippines  
ST-1997-000179-CHN SEVERE LOCAL STORM China, People's Republic  
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