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ST-1997-000094-TON SEVERE LOCAL STORM Tonga  
ST-1997-000093-PNG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Papua New Guinea  
FL-1997-000092-ECU Flood Ecuador  
DR-1997-000091-ETH Drought Ethiopia 98,6200 were affected by the drought. 
VO-1997-000050-MSR Volcano Montserrat  
FL-1997-000049-TZA Flood Tanzania  
EQ-1997-000045-TTO Earthquake Trinidad & Tobago An earthquake, with a magnitude computed at 6.5 on the Richter scale, occurred near Trinidad, about 50 kms northeast of Port-of-Spain on 22 April 1997, at 9:31 GMT. An aftershock, of 5.7 on the Richter scale, occured at 10:12 GMT.  
ST-1997-000039-FJI SEVERE LOCAL STORM Fiji  
EQ-1997-000035-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic  
EQ-1997-000028-KGZ Earthquake Kyrgyzstan  
SL-1997-000027-PER SLIDE (use LS/ AV/MS instead) Peru  
FL-1997-000026-MOZ Flood Mozambique  
FL-1997-000025-MWI Flood Malawi  
DR-1997-000024-KEN Drought Kenya Approximately 1.6 million peopele were affected by the severe drought. 
DR-1997-000023-ECU Drought Ecuador 34,000 people were affected due to the drought in Celica, Macara and Puyango. 
FL-1997-000022-BOL Flood Bolivia  
EQ-1997-000017-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic  
ST-1997-000013-MDG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Madagascar  
VO-1997-000012-IND Volcano India  
TC-1997-000008-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam The typhoon Fritz (T9721) killed 10, injured 50 and caused US$5,000,000 damage in VietNam. 
TC-1997-000007-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam The typhoon Linda (T9726) killed 3,682, injured 857, left 383,045 homeless, affected 697,225 and caused US$200,000,000 damage in VietNam. 
TC-1997-000006-GUM Tropical Cyclone Guam The cyclone Paka (T9708) injured 20, left 5,000 homeless, affected 1,400 and caused US$200,000,000 damage in Guam. 
TC-1997-000005-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The typhoon Bining killed 30, affected 309,111 and caused US$2,500,000 damage in Philippines. 
TC-1997-000004-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The typhoon Winnie (T9713) killed 140, injured 3,000, left 44,000 homeless, affected 790,000 and caused US2,675,000,000 damage in China. 
TC-1997-000004-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The typhoon Winnie (T9713) killed 18, injured 5 and affected 53,654 in Philippines. 
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Disasters on or after week 49
From: 2019/12/1  To: 2019/12/9

Flood,Hungary: Devastating storm cells hit Eastern Hungary on 27th afternoon, leaving 80 settlements affected by damages caused by strong wind and heavy rainfall.

Tropical Cyclone,Somalia: The Tropical Storm (TS) initially named SIX that developed in the northern Indian Ocean has now been assigned the name PAWAN after sustaining a speed of more than 39 miles per hour for two days. The probability of the TS landing in the coastal areas of Puntland has increased from (10% TO 35%) over the last two days and is expected to make a land fall in Nugaal region in the next 24 hours.The influence of PAWAN may start being felt in the coastal areas of Bari, Mudug and Sanaag regions in the next 12 hours where moderate to heavy rains and strong winds are expected. The rains will then spread further inland to many areas within Somaliland, Puntland and central regions on 07 and 08 December 2019.

Tropical Cyclone,Madagascar: The low-pressure system located north of Madagascar has intensified into Severe Tropical Storm Belna. The trajectory of the storm has shifted further south than previously anticipated. According to different projections, the system is expected to brush the extreme west of the country around 9 or 10 December at a maximum wind speed of 167 km/h. This is a very isolated area, with no commercial flights and is challenging to access by road during the rainy season. Five districts in Madagascar? Boeny, Diana, Melaky, Sava and Sofia ?have been placed on warning (green alert) by Meteo Madagascar.

Flash Flood,Djibouti: Reports indicate that between 21 and 24 November, almost 300mm of rain were recorded in Djibouti city alone, or over three times the annual average. Initial estimates indicated that over 30,000 to 40,000 families (150,000-250,000 people) have been somewhat affected by the floods

Tropical Cyclone,Comoros: On December 5, 2019, a Cyclone Belna formed in the south eastern Indian Ocean.The current trajectory threatens both the island of Anjouan and Moheli in the Union of Comoros

Tropical Cyclone,Fiji: Tropical Disturbance, TD03F was upgraded to a depression on 31th Jan 2018 at 6 AM. Tropical Depression, TD03F center was located near 11 degrees' south latitude and 172 degrees' east longitude or about 470km west-northwest of Rotuma and about 860km northwest of Nadi. TD03F may intensify further into a category 1 tropical cyclone in the next 12 to 18 hours with average winds of 65km/hr and momentary gusts to 90km/hr close to the centre. TD03F is moving southeast at about 25km/hr.