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How to Join GLIDEnumber
Everybody is most welcome to join the GLIDE initiative. There are three ways in which you can join GLIDE:

  • Join as a Registered User: receive information by mail
  • Join as a Registered Database: Use GLIDE in your data and we will put links to your site
  • Join as a Participating Institution: support and participate in the GLIDE initiative.

    Registered Users:

    Registration is free and requires only a valid email address. Just click on "Register" in the top navigation bar and fill out the form with your personal data.

    As Registered User you can:

    a) Be notified of Disasters as soon as they're reported to GLIDEnumber or participating institutions.

    b) Receive a periodic email with summaries of Disasters occurred in the world, or specific countries of Interest. You will also be able to specify which types of disasters are of your interest.

    c) Download our database of GLIDE GLobal disaster unique IDEntifier number.

    d) Receive a Monthly newsletter (if you wish to subscribe)

    e) Report missing disasters in the GLIDE database for a new GLIDEnumber

    Please note:

    In order to prevent misuse of the emailing capabilities of GLIDEnumber we ask our users to provide a valid email address and to follow a very simple procedure to activate their accounts after registering.

    You will receive a confirmation email with a link that you must follow to activate your account.

    This extremely simple procedure protects you from other people registering your email account to receive a potentially large amount of information by email.

    Once you follow the link in your email your account will be fully active and you will be allowed to login, navigate and use the site as registered user.

    Registered Database

    By using GLIDE, a common thread between all the information about disasters the situation will be drastically changed and it will become easier for one to search for and within databases of natural disasters in the past and the present.

    If your Institution is interested in becoming a GLIDE-enable registered database you must follow the procedures below:
    1. Add a GLIDE field to your database of disaster information. The Field must be able to contain at least 15 characters.
    2. Please find the current GLIDE numbers in
    3. Assign correct GLIDE numbers to as many disasters as possible, entering the corresponding GLIDE number into the column you added in (1).
    4. Create a page in your website to show the data by searching your database with GLIDE as a key. If you have already opened your database to the public, you will be able manage it only by minor change in your existing program.
    5. Finally, in order to refer the person who accesses to your data directly to related information in other organizations, we encourage the addition of buttons or links to other GLIDE-enabled databases.

    If you comply with the above 5 procedures, your database will be shareable among the organizations that use GLIDE. Please contact us to arrange the inclusion of your website in our list of GLIDE-enabled sites:

    GLIDE rep
    Asian Disaster Reduction Centre (ADRC)
    Higashikan 5F, 1-5-2 Wakinohamakaingan-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0073, Japan
    Tel: (81-78) 262 5540 Fax: (81-78) 262 5546

    Participating Institutions:

    If your Institution is wishing to become more involved in the GLIDE initiative, please contact GLIDE rep as stated above.
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    GLIDE tips:

  • The GLIDE database is easily searchable by many criteria.

  • Information in the GLIDE database may be presented in many forms, including tabular and graphic forms.

  • Anyone can register at GLIDEnumber

  • You can subscribe to receive instant or periodic info about recent disasters.

  • Registration is free

  • Your personal info will never be distributed or sold