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CE-2021-000193-BFA Complex Emergency Burkina Faso Since the start of November 2021, attacks have intensified in the Boucle du Mouhoun, mainly in Sourou province. Following a succession of attacks between 4 and 16 November, mainly targeting security posts and public service personnel in the commune of Di. These attacks destroyed the already weakened security in the region, leading to a new wave of displacements from DI. On 18 November, the GOA took the opportunity of the poor security coverage resulting from these repeated attacks to threaten the population with reprisals for those who did not leave DI and its surroundings. The population, fearing for their safety, left the commune of DI and the surrounding area en masse, to seek refuge mainly in Tougan, Gnessa, Toma, Dédougou, Ouagadougou etc. 
EQ-2021-000192-PER Earthquake Peru High humanitarian impact, magnitude 7.5M 
VO-2021-000191-JPN Volcano Japan Okinawa prefectural officials met Wednesday to discuss ways to collect a large amount of pumice stones apparently from the eruption of an undersea volcano from the Ogasawara Islands. 
VO-2021-000191-PHL Volcano Philippines Pumice stones and volcanic debris from a volcano in Japan that erupted in August have reached Batanes, posing danger to marine life and fisheries, the Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology said Tuesday. 
FL-2021-000190-EGY Flood Egypt On 11 November, 2021, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority - stated that the situation during the period of 12 – 14 November 2021 will witness heavy rains that will likely cause floods in the region of Upper Northern Egypt, and that the weather situation in southeast Egypt could be affected by the heavy rain accompanied by strong winds similar to that of 2019 and 2020. Thus, the government has appealed the citizens to stay alert and not to leave their homes.  
FF-2021-000189-BIH Flash Flood Bosnia-Herzegovina During the night of 5 November, central, eastern and southern parts of the country were hit by flash floods caused by intensive rainfall. Rivers Zeljeznica, Miljacka, Bosna and Neretva, together with smaller rivers which flow into them flooded the area, causing damages and prompting evacuations. There are currently 18 affected municipalities in both Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Republic of Srpska. Affected municipalities are: Ilidza, Trnovo, East Ilidza, Trnovo (FBIH), Stari Grad, Konjic, Jablanica, Novi Grad, Kiseljak, Goražde, Pale (FBIH), Pale, Foča, Sokolac, Gacko, Foča (FBIH) and Novo Sarajevo. Another 5 municipalities were less affected. Landslides are recorded in different areas around the country.  
FL-2021-000188-LKA Flood Sri Lanka At least 20 people have died in floods, landslides and lightning strikes in Sri Lanka following almost 2 weeks of heavy rain, disaster officials in the country said on 10 November 2021. 
CE-2021-000187-SDN Complex Emergency Sudan On 25 October 2021, the Sudan Information Ministry reported that the Sudanese civilian-led government had been dissolved by the military. Its dissolution comes after an attempted coup on 21 September 2021 and persisting political tensions, characterized by ongoing demonstrations and protests in the country over recent months.  
DR-2021-000179-MDG Drought Madagascar GDACS - Severe impact for agricultural drought in 11809 km2 over Madagascar-2020  
DR-2021-000178-BOL Drought Bolivia GDACS - Medium impact for agricultural drought in 737417 km2 over Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, North Argentina-2019  
EQ-2021-000177-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 6.3M 
EQ-2021-000176-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 6M 
OT-2021-000175-BLR Other Belarus Since mid-May 2021 the number of people who enter Lithuania and Poland irregularly from Belarus has been increasing rapidly. Thousands of people have crossed from Belarus to Lithuania, Poland and neighbouring countries in the last months. When Lithuania started to deter migrants, neighbouring countries became affected too. A significant increase of irregular entries from Belarus into the European Union (EU) has been observed, compared to the same period of 2020, bringing the total number to almost 4,500. 
VO-2021-000174-VUT Volcano Vanuatu Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD) issued an update on Yasur volcano on 22 October 2021 that Yasur volcano alert is currently on Level 2 and the activity has intensified in the level of major unrest state. The observations on ground indicate that Yasur volcano has emitted massive plumes of volcanic ashes and gas at around 2pm on 22 October till late in the night. With this massive activity, the danger zone is increased to 1km around the volcano cone and the danger zone for life safety is moved to Danger Zone B. 
FL-2021-000173-IDN Flood Indonesia Prolonged and heavy rainfall along with strong winds from October to early November has caused Kapuas River to overflow, flooding several districts namely Sintang, Sanggau, Melawi, Kapuas Hulu, Ketapang and Sekadau in West Kalimantan province. Following an initial flooding event at the end of October, which receded quite quickly, heavy rain continuing in early November, saw a rapid escalation of the situation on 6 November 2021, causing extensive flooding across several districts. As six districts remain submerged in water the situation is overwhelming emergency responders in the area. 
FL-2021-000172-IND Flood India Heavy overnight rain led to flooding in several areas of Chennai. Nungambakkam recorded 21.5 cm of rainfall, the highest recorded in a 24-hour period since 2015. Vehicles had to wade through waterlogged streets at Avadi in Chennai. Local media reports showed uprooted trees, submerged cars and disrupted traffic and commuters on Chennai streets. Further heavy rainfall is predicted to occur on November 10-11. 
OT-2021-000171-LBN Other Lebanon Lebanon has been facing an evolving complex humanitarian crisis since late 2019, generating widespread needs for assistance and protection. It is in this context that two powerful explosions occurred at the Port of Beirut on 4 August 2020, leaving devastating impacts while the country grapples with overlapping economic and financial crises, political volatility, and the implications of COVID-19 pandemic as well as hosting the highest refugee population per capita in the world. The combined effects of these crises are leaving growing numbers of people in urgent need of support and deepening risks for vulnerable groups including migrants and refugees. Over 80% of people in Lebanon are affected by “multidimensional poverty” (UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia, 2021), reflecting deprivation across areas such as healthcare, electricity, water, sanitation, transportation, connectivity, and means of income. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose risks and strain Lebanon’s overburdened healthcare system.  
DR-2021-000170-ZMB Drought Zambia According to IPC Food Insecurity analysis, the projected period starting from October 2021 to March 2022, coincides with the lean season when the country’s food security situation is expected to deteriorate, with around 1.58 million people (13% of the analysed population) classified in Crisis (IPC Phase 3). Most affected provinces are Luapula, Lusaka, North-Western, Northern, Southern and Western. 
FR-2021-000169-SLE Fire Sierra Leone On 05th November 2021, a fire incident occurred in the Wellington PMD Junction east of Freetown involving a loaded fuel tanker that colluded with and a truck carrying granite stones while the fuel tanker was about entering into a nearby filling station to discharge its fuel . This led to fuel spillage which population rushed to collect. In the interim, some community members rushed to the scene and took advantage of the leakage to scoop fuel and store it in nearby makeshift structures. In the cause of scooping the fuel, for unidentified reasons, a fire broke out and the tanker exploded, killing nearly a hundred people. 
DR-2021-000168-ZWE Drought Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is currently experiencing some lean season food insecurity and deteriorating nutrition in some parts of the country’s low-lying areas. The situation has further been exacerbated by the current devaluation of the local currency, Covid 19 pandemic and poor harvests recorded in some parts of the country this past agricultural season. Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes are expected to prevail in the Southern, Western, and extreme northern areas as the 2012/22 lean season continues through November 2021 to March 2022 (FEWSNET, October to May 2022 Outlook).  
OT-2021-000167-POL Other Poland On 31 August 2021 the Council of Ministers requested President Andrzej Duda to declare a state of emergency in the terrain surrounding Belarus–Poland border. The request was motivated by - according to government - possible threats to security and public order in part of the territory of Poland. On 2 September 2021, President Andrzej Duda agreed to declare a state of emergency in the area indicated in the request. 
FL-2021-000166-VNM Flood Viet Nam Quang Ngai evacuated thousands of people to shelters from floods. Floodwaters rose rapidly on rivers, so Quang Ngai organized the evacuation of thousands of people in low-lying areas to safety. 
FL-2021-000165-KHM Flood Cambodia Since 1 September, Cambodia has experienced heavy rainfall across much of the country. As of 29 September, about 19,193 households in 3 provinces are reported to be affected by flash floods. In these areas, houses, infrastructure (roads, schools, health centres) and agricultural land have been inundated.  
FL-2021-000164-COD Flood Congo Democratic Republic In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more than 285,060 were affected by extensive floods, displacing 44,000 people, while killing 20 people, and destroying 44,096 houses.  
VO-2021-000163-JPN Volcano Japan An eruption was observed Wednesday at Mt. Aso in southwestern Japan, the weather agency said. The eruption occurred at 11:43 a.m. at the No. 1 Nakadake crater, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Mt. Aso's volcanic alert level was raised to 3 on a scale of 5, with people urged not to approach the mountain. 
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Earthquake,Peru: High humanitarian impact, magnitude 7.5M

Volcano,Philippines: Pumice stones and volcanic debris from a volcano in Japan that erupted in August have reached Batanes, posing danger to marine life and fisheries, the Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology said Tuesday.