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TC-2021-000069-NCL Tropical Cyclone New Caledonia GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, max wind speed 259 km/h  
FL-2021-000068-SUR Flood Suriname In April 2021, increased levels of rainfall across Suriname have led to country-wide flooding. All ten districts of Suriname (Paramaribo, Nickerie, Coronie, Saramacca, Commewijne, Wanica, Para, Marowijne, Sipaliwini, Brokopondo) have reported flooding in most of their communities.  
FR-2021-000067-LKA Fire Sri Lanka On 20 May 2021, cargo ship “X-PRESS PEARL with 1486 containers on board carrying dangerous cargo; 25 tonnes of nitric acid, caustic soda, solid sodium methoxide solution, cosmetics, methanol and vinyl acetate including micro plastics, plastic pellets together with other cargo caught fire about nine nautical miles (16 Km) off the coast of Colombo commercial shipping harbor. The fire continued to burn till end of May and several small explosions were heard from the container ship during the fire. Sri Lanka Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard supported by the Indian Navy worked around the clock to contain the fire for nearly two weeks. The firefighting was made difficult and complicated by the southwest monsoon rains/ high winds and highly flammable poisonous cargo. The 25 crew (Indian, Philippines, Chinese and Russian nationals) were evacuated and are currently being treated at hospitals in Colombo. One crew member was tested positive for COVID19. According to Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), this is Sri Lanka’s worst environmental disaster in its history with unimaginable consequences to the marine environment.  
FL-2021-000066-GUY Flood Guyana Widespread floods have been affecting all the Regions of Guyana over the past 14 days, leading to casualties and damage. According to UN OCHA, at least 7,900 houses have been flooded while media report more than 25,000 affected households. The Civil Defence Commission of Guyana distributed almost 30,000 food and cleaning hampers across the most affected Regions (Five, Six, Nine and Ten) and provided shelters for households impacted by flooding in Regions Nine and Ten. On 8-9 June, moderate to heavy rain is expected across the whole country. 
DR-2021-000065-SSD Drought South Sudan The food security situation in South Sudan has reached crisis levels and there is need for scaled up actions. According to its Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) projections, an estimated 5.8 million people (48 per cent of the population) faced Crisis levels of food insecurity (IPC Phase 3) or worse - a figure that is expected to increase to 7.2 million (60 per cent of the population) during the ongoing lean season of April-July 2021. 
DR-2021-000064-PAK Drought Pakistan Several districts in the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh experience drought conditions which have resulted in increased food insecurity. According to the National Drought Monitoring Centre (NDMC), moderate drought conditions are prevailing across 18 districts in the two provinces. An estimated 1.8 million people are expected to experience acute food insecurity and 530,000 people emergency levels of food insecurity from March to June 2021 in 12 of the 18 drought-affected districts, according to the Food Security Sector. The Pakistan Meteorological Department warns that drought conditions may continue and worsen with adverse effects on agriculture and livestock. 
OT-2021-000063-CYP Other Cyprus On 10 May 2021, the Government decided to gradually stop the COVID-19-related lockdown and consecutive restrictions, so that normalization could be achieved until June 2021. At that time, the Government’s Advisory Scientific Group of epidemiologists predicted that the country will have successfully accomplished heard immunization against the Novel Coronavirus (65% of population vaccinated with at least the first jab). As expected, the relaxation measures caused an influx of migrants directly from Syria by boats, which caused enormous pressure to the already overcrowded system of reception. 
CE-2021-000062-ISR Complex Emergency Israel Since May 10 2021 at 18:00, hundreds (approx. 2000) of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israeli villages and cities surrounding and up to 170km from the border including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Beer-Sheba. This is the largest and most significant attack on the Israeli population for years. In addition to the Rocket attacks, in many cities all over Isreal, civil unrest has broken out and violent demonstrations are taking place, during which dozens were injured (few of them suffer serious injuries), and severe damage is caused to houses, synagogues, stores, and cars. For the first time in the history of Israel, a state of emergency and a night curfew were declared in the city of Lod and the public at risk was evacuated from their houses during one of the nights. 10 Israelis were killed and hundreds are injured. MDA treated 653 and transported most of them to hospitals. In the center and south of Israel, school activities are canceled, and public gatherings in open places are not allowed. The affected population in the villages and cities in the range of the rockets are required to remain in the vicinity of 15-90 seconds from the shelters, depending on their distance from the border. Within several kilometers from the Gaza strip border, the movement in roads and train tracks is restricted. 
FL-2021-000061-MYS Flood Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia had been experiencing heavy rainfalls since 20th May, causing two districts (Beaufort and Tenom) were inundated by floods. The rain was nonstops for few days resulting in 2 rivers collided between the Pagalan River and the Padas River. People were fleeing from their home and evacuated to the temporary shelters. Total number of people affected by flood have reached 1,552 families (5,782 people) in those two districts, based on the released information from Social Welfare Department (JKM) as of 25th May 2021. 
OT-2021-000060-EGY Other Egypt Twelve days of hostilities have resulted in a dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, putting the lives and livelihoods of some 1.7 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in risk. According to the United Nations, 242 Palestinians were killed in Gaza between 10 May and the start of the ceasefire on 21 May, , including 66 children and 38 women. In addition, the number of internally displaced people has increased to 91,000However, there are still roughly 1,000 people whose homes have been demolished or severely damaged. Concerns have been raised concerning the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable persons huddled in overcrowded shelters and the health-care system’s inability to cope. 
VO-2021-000059-COD Volcano Congo Democratic Republic On 22 May 2021 at 19:00 HRS, Mt. Nyiragongo, located in North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo suddenly erupted. The first eruption was reported at 19:00 22 May on the NE side of the crater towards the Rwanda border and not Goma city. The lava initially started flowing towards Rwanda. The second eruption was reported at 19:30 due to a crack on the crater face towards Goma city, facing the Goma International Airport. This sudden volcanic eruption created panic within the population, leading to mass movement towards the south into Goma and south east, out of the city of Goma. A portion of the population also fled towards Rwanda.  
TC-2021-000058-BGD Tropical Cyclone Bangladesh The severe cyclonic storm “YAAS” made landfall in West Bengal and Odisha coast in India on 26 May 2021 at a wind speed of 150 KMPH. On the same day, late evening, it crossed the west coast of Bangladesh. Coinciding with the full moon, causing a 6-8 feet tidal wave across the coastal districts resulted broken embankments in many places, resulted in inundation and forced people into temporary displacement or living in marooned situation. According to Need Assessment Working Group (NAWG) the cyclonic event affected approximately 1.3 million people, damaged around 26,595 houses: 16,183 latrines and 1,986 water points. In addition to that it is estimated around 39 percent of crops land damaged and 3,599 hector of prawn and fish cultivation area affected. 
FL-2021-000057-LKA Flood Sri Lanka The South west monsoon and activation of a depression which was later developed to tropical cyclone “Tauktae” over the south-east Arabian sea triggered heavy rainfall in Sri Lanka from 12th to 14th May 2021. Western, South and Sabaragamuawa provinces of Sri Lanka were worst affected. Sri Lanka’s Department of Meteorology has reported a maximum rainfall up to 336 millimeters in the Western province particularly in Kalutara district. During this period four deaths have been reported in Gampaha, Colombo & Kegalle districts. Even though rain has stopped, the affected low lying areas are still inundated with floods in the nine districts and have caused damages to residential areas. Agricultural lands and standing crops have also been inundated and damaged as well as the infrastructures. Sri Lanka Metrological department predicts heavy rainfall on 22nd to 25th May and the possibility of continuation of flooding, which may increase the impact and further exacerbate the situation with further reduction of coping capacity of vulnerable households in the affected areas. 
TC-2021-000056-IND Tropical Cyclone India Tropical Cyclone TAUKTAE is strengthening as it moves north over the northeastern Arabian Sea, passing close to the western coast of western India. On 17 May at 0.00 UTC, its centre was located approximately 150 km west-southwest of Mumbai City, with maximum sustained winds of 222 km/h. According to media reports, during the last 48 hours, eight deaths and several thousand have been displaced from Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. About 440 families in Maldives and 293 families in Sri Lanka also reported affected. Tropical Cyclone TAUKTAE is forecast to continue northward and to make landfall over the southern coast of Gujarat on 17 May late morning (UTC) with maximum sustained winds of 165-175 km/h. On 17-18 May, heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge are forecast over Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. Heavy rain and strong winds are expected also across southeastern Pakistan. Red warnings for heavy rain with thunderstorms and strong winds are in effect over Gujarat. Movement of air, water and road transports are restricted. (ECHO, 17 May 2021) 
FL-2021-000055-TJK Flood Tajikistan As a result of intense rains heavy rains within May 5-12, 2021 in the territory of a number of districts of the Khatlon region and the DRS, mudflows were recorded, which, unfortunately, entailed human casualties. As a result of the disaster, damage was recorded to residential buildings, household plots, arable land, destruction of auxiliary structures, as well as erosion of the roadway. By May 12, 2021 according to last information: • 58 houses totally damaged • 123 houses partially damaged • 56 auxiliary buildings were damaged • 100 land plots were affected • 167 families evacuated Due to on-going rainy days, the scale of damages can be grown and the number of damages will be changed. 
DR-2021-000054-SOM Drought Somalia On 1st May 2021, the Government of Somalia declared a National Emergency due to the Drought situation and called for support in responding to the humanitarian crisis.  
FL-2021-000053-ETH Flood Ethiopia The Early Warning Department of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission released the second issue of the National Flood Alert listing additional areas at risk of flooding and landslides, while several parts of the country continue to receive average to above average Belg/spring season rainfall since April. In Afar Region, some 27,400 persons have been displaced by flooding due to heavy rain and winds in Gulina, Ewa, and Beyalo, Dulecha, Harunka, and Mile Woredas. Livestock death was also reported. In SNNP Region, hailstorm damaged crops in Chama Hembecho and Afama Mino Kebeles of Boloso Sore Woreda in Wolayta Zone and some 250 hectares of land has been flooded in Abela Abaya Woreda. Some 11,200 households have been displaced and 8,019 households affected by flooding due to heavy Gu rains in Shabelle, Jarar, Dolo, Afder, Fafan, and Korahe Zones of Somali Region. The flooding also resulted in the death of 7,069 sheep and goats, 17 camels, 609 cows and damaged 4,049 hectares of cropland. Nine people were also reportedly killed in Dire Dawa City following the collapse of a wall due to heavy rains on 2 May 2021.  
OT-2021-000052-PSE Other Palestine (West Bank, Gaza) Three locations in East Jerusalem (EJ) - Al Aqsa Mosque, Damascus Gate, and Sheikh Jarrah - have been hotspots throughout Ramadan. The intensity of confrontations have increased in the last few days. More than 300 people have been injured in confrontations thus far and more confrontations are expected in the coming days 
FL-2021-000051-SOM Flood Somalia Reports indicate that at least 25 people have been killed due to the heavy rains including nine children who died after their house flooded in Banadir on 7 May, and four people killed by lightening in Puntland on 5 May. In Middle Shabelle region, riverine flooding has affected an estimated 25,000 people in 15 villages in Jowhar, 
FL-2021-000050-AFG Flood Afghanistan Several provinces were affected by widespread flash flooding events since 3 May which have caused fatalities and destroyed homes. At least 37 people have died, more than 910 households were affected, dozens of homes destroyed, irrigation canals damaged and livestock lost across ten provinces in central, northern and western regions of Afghanistan, according to the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority. Assessments and the provision of humanitarian assistance are ongoing but slowed down by access constraints. 
FL-2021-000049-RWA Flood Rwanda Since the beginning of January 2020, Rwanda has increasingly experienced heavy rains, thunders and strong windstorm, affecting most parts of the country. From 28 April to 2nd May 2021, extensive flooding and mudslides been reported in Burera District due to waterflows and rocks from the volcanoes. The effects of rains and windstorm is also observed in other districts including Gicumbi and Kayonza Districts. This has led to extensive destruction of houses, crops, latrines death of livestock, destruction of the roads, and loss of households’ materials and even human death.  
EP-2021-000047-KEN Epidemic Kenya According to the county department of health in Mombasa the first dengue cases were reported in early March 2021 with 24 cases testing positive out of 47 (51% positivity rate). In April another 305 cases tested positive out of 315 (97% positivity rate). The adjacent Lamu county, has also reported a total of 224 positive cases from different health facilities where 59 are children under 5 years old. Cumulatively, 529 cases have been reported within the past 2 months of March and April. No deaths have been reported so far within the two counties.  
OT-2021-000046-KGZ Other Kyrgyzstan On 28-29 April 2021, the tensions between the residents of Kyrgyzstan (Batken province) and Tajikistan (Sughd province) in the border areas escalated into an armed conflict, resulting in casualties and displacement of thousands of people in both countries. As of late 29 April, the governments of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan announced their agreement on ceasefire and continued to work during 30 April – 3 May on stabilizing the situation in border areas, including on cessation of all hostilities and withdrawal of military forces from the point of contact. As of 4 May, the situation seemed to have got under control. 
FL-2021-000045-GEO Flood Georgia On 29 April, heavy rain, hailstorm, and wind-affected Kakheti Region of Georgia. Agricultural lands, fruit trees, roofs got destroyed and many buildings flooded. In total, 1300 households (3900 people) were affected. 
ST-2021-000044-CHN SEVERE LOCAL STORM China, People's Republic Eleven people were killed and dozens injured after strong gales struck east China's Jiangsu Province, the provincial authorities said Saturday. Gales and hail swept parts of Jiangsu on Friday night, including Nantong, Huai'an, Yancheng, Taizhou and Suqian. The disaster has left 11 people dead, 66 injured and 3,050 evacuated, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Emergency Management Department. 
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