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TC-2020-000049-VUT Tropical Cyclone Vanuatu At 22:00 UTC on 4 April, TC Harold was a category 4 tropical cyclone located approximately 95km off the west coast of Santo, Vanuatu. It is currently moving in a south south easterly direction at a rate of 14km/h, with maximum sustained winds close to the centre estimated at 175km/h.  
DR-2020-000048-LKA Drought Sri Lanka On 4 March, the Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka reported that 39,801 people were affected by the drought in four districts. 
IN-2020-000041-IRN Insect Infestation Iran, Islamic Republic Desert Locust invaded Iran in late February 2020 and quickly spread to four southern provinces of western Hormozgan, Boushehr, Khouzestan, and southern Fars, where the adults rapidly matured and laid eggs in areas that had received good rains. This breeding will cause a substantial increase in locust numbers once eggs hatch in March, hoppers form bands in April and a new generation of swarms form by the end of May. 
EQ-2020-000040-HRV Earthquake Croatia  
FL-2020-000038-EGY Flood Egypt Mar. 13, 2020: Thunderstorms packing heavy rains and lightning caused widespread flooding across Egypt on Thursday, officials said as authorities shuttered schools, government offices, and an airport.  
FL-2020-000037-RWA Flood Rwanda Since the beginning of November 2019, Rwanda has increasingly experienced heavy rains, affecting most parts of the country. As a result, many rivers across the country received huge levels of rainwater and overflew along their courses, causing flooding. 
CE-2020-000036-GRC Complex Emergency Greece  
IN-2020-000035-PAK Insect Infestation Pakistan Pakistan is experiencing its worst locust infestation since the 1990s. According to initial estimates by the Chamber of Agriculture, as much as 40 percent of crops in the country have been destroyed. This includes food crops such as wheat and vegetables and commodity crops such as cotton. The extended monsoon season has provided conditions that have allowed the locusts to continue breeding and surviving for longer in the Indo-Pakistan border region. Food insecurity is already high in the country, with over 3 million people in IPC Phases 3 and 4, particularly in Balochistan and Sindh provinces. Damage to crops at this magnitude is not only a threat to food security in the affected communities, but also poses a challenge for livelihoods as many rural farmers use the money from selling crops to pay off debt and survive financially during the off season. (ACAPS, 21 Nov 2019) 
FL-2020-000034-BOL Flood Bolivia Flooding was triggered by heavy rain in La Paz Department (central-western Bolivia) on 9 February. According to media reports, as of 10 February, the overflow of Torrentera river caused one death and destroyed at least 12 houses and several roads. More than 50 families have been affected by the event, with the worst-hit areas Achocalla and Alto Irpavi municipalities.  
FL-2020-000033-PER Flood Peru Landslides and floods have been affecting Huanuco, Pasco and Cusco departments (central Peru) since mid-December. National authorities report more than 300 families affected by the floods in Huanuco Department since the start of the year. 25 homes were damaged by a landslide in San Pablo de Pillao District on 8 January. 15 are confirmed dead following mudslides and flash floods in southern Region of Peru. On 23 February, 5 people died, 10 are missing and 13 injured in Santa Teresa District (La Convencion Province, Cusco Department) following a mudslide. 4 others were injured after the Kitamayo river flooded Pisac District (Calca Province, Cusco Department). Search and rescue operations are ongoing and those affected are being evacuated from Salkantay Delta. Orange alerts for heavy rain remain in place for southern region, including Cusco Department on 27-28 February. 
EP-2020-000032-UGA Epidemic Uganda On 24 January 2020, the Ministry of Health in Uganda declared an West Nile region and Buliisa in the western region...In total, five laboratory confirmed yellow fever cases have been reported in Moyo (n=3) and Buliisa (n=2) districts, including three deaths (two in Moyo and one in Buliisa). The affected districts share international borders with both DRC and South Sudan; and are marked by frequent population movements and high interconnectivity.  
DR-2020-000031-ARG Drought Argentina Currently, the province of Salta, located in the north of Argentina, has been facing an emergency due to the progressive deaths of children in recent weeks. According to statements made by the Minister of Social Development, at least 32 Wichis (Indigenous people of the Central and Southern Chaco in South America) children were in hospital as of 13 February due to malnutrition. In addition to the children currently hospitalized and the complex humanitarian situation in this area of the country, at least eight child deaths due to malnutrition have been confirmed. 
AV-2020-000030-TUR Snow Avalanche Turkey Two avalanches occurred in the area between the Bahçesaray and Çatak districts (eastern Van province) on 4 and 5 February, killing 39 and injuring 84. According to the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), as of 6 February, 5 people died on 4 February, following the first avalanche, and another 33 people on 5 February in the second avalanche which occurred during search operations. 
FL-2020-000029-TZA Flood Tanzania On 27 January, heavy rainfall occurred in Kilwa, Liwale and Ruangwa districts in Lindi region in south-eastern Tanzania. This resulted in flash floods that have led to fatalities and major damage. The latest update from the local government, shared on 28 January, reported more than 18,000 people affected, 13 deaths, 5 people missing, 1,746 houses completely destroyed, and 1,074 latrines collapsed. 
EP-2020-000028-NGA Epidemic Nigeria A Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria has been is declared by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control on the 24 January 2020. Initial reports show 689 suspected cases since the first week of January 2020, of which 258 are confirmed positive. The number of deaths reported from Lassa Fever is 41 with a case fatality rate of 15.9% 
CW-2020-000027-PAK Cold Wave Pakistan From 11 to 13 January 2020, several parts of Pakistan were hit by heavy rains and snow fall which resulted in flash floods, avalanches and landslides. 105 people have been reported dead. Among them 20 were reported dead in Baluchistan, 5 in KP, 2 in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and 79 deaths have been confirmed by SDMA in Pakistan Administered Kashmir. Roads are still blocked in many areas in Kashmir and Baluchistan and the situation will be cleared by next week. Assessment reports have been received from PRCS branches of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), GB and Baluchistan. As per assessment reports, there is a possibility that losses and damages figure will increase in the coming days. The provincial government of Baluchistan has declared a state of emergency in 11 districts and requested NDMA via letter dated 13 January to allow humanitarian organizations to support PDMA to reach out the people in need. AJK government also declared Neelum, Leepa Valley and Bhadi as disastrous hit areas, while nominated a Relief Commissioner to look after the relief activities. 
CW-2020-000026-PSE Cold Wave Palestine (West Bank, Gaza) A Cold Wave hit the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Saturday 18/1/2020. The heavy rain generated floods in several part of Palestine and thousands of people were affected with many families being evacuated from their homes. The extreme weather conditions resulted in the deaths of 3 people; two in the Gaza Strip and one in Jerusalem due to the heavy rains and flooding.  
ST-2020-000025-CAN SEVERE LOCAL STORM Canada In the capital city of St. John, the massive storm dumped as much as 80 cm. of snow on the city. The snowstorm completely buried cars and caused thousands to lose power. Mayor Danny Breen declared a state of emergency on Friday that will last through Tuesday 28 as the city continues the mammoth work of trying to clear the streets. Most businesses remained closed on Sunday and the international airport remained closed to commercial flights until at least 8 p.m. Monday 27.  
FL-2020-000019-MDG Flood Madagascar Heavy rainfall and flooding caused by a tropical disturbance have affected nearly 107,000 people, including more than 16,000 displaced, and caused at least 31 deaths in Madagascar over the last week. 
EQ-2020-000018-TUR Earthquake Turkey A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Eastern Turkey at 8.55 pm local time on 24 January, at a depth of 15km and centred near the district of Sivrice in eastern Elazig province. Soon after the initial quake, the province was shaken further by a series aftershocks ranging from between a magnitude 5.4 to 3.3. According to initial reports, the earthquake was felt in provinces as far as southern Adana and northern Samsun, along with northern Syria and Iraq. 
DR-2020-000017-VNM Drought Viet Nam According to the Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority (VNDMA) under the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD) that 10 of the 13 provinces with 74/137 districts, in Mekong River Delta are affected by drought and saltwater intrusion. More than 685,000 people across the Mekong Delta have their access to livelihoods and basic services disrupted. The drought and saltwater intrusion and its impacts affect agricultural production, with an estimated loss of production from about 460,000 hectares, limited access to safe water for 200,000 households, who do not have regular and sufficient access to water for drinking and other domestic use. 
CW-2020-000016-MNG Cold Wave Mongolia As stated by National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring (NAMEM) on 12 January 2020, over 70 percent of the country is covered by 10-30 cm snow layer and 41 soums out of nine provinces in white dzud condition while 51 soums out of 16 provinces are near white dzud. 
FL-2020-000015-TMP Flood East Timor A 6 - hour rainstorm caused flooding in Post Administrative Dom Aleixo-Comoro (Tasi tolu, Kampung baru and Golgota) in Dili, Timor Leste. The initial reports identify that poor drainage and land use planning had caused the flooding. A total 1,680 people have been reported to be affected by the floods with 1 person reported injured and 1 death. 
OT-2020-000014-GTM Other Guatemala Some 2,000 people, including men, women, young people, pregnant women, members of the LGBTIQ community and children, departed from San Pedro Sula on 14 January 2020. On 15 January, Guatemala's Migration Institute registered 662 individuals entering the country through the Customs Office at Corinto, Izabal and 1,612 individuals through the Customs Office at Agua Caliente, Chiquimula, both in north-eastern Guatemala. During the following days, the numbers of migrants crossing the country has increased to an estimated amount of 4,000 people according to The Guatemalan Migration Authorities. Migrants travel through Guatemala either on foot or take collective buses, mostly using Casa del Migrante shelters to rest during their journeys along the route.  
EP-2020-000013-MYS Epidemic Malaysia The new strain of coronavirus (2019-nCoV), has originated in Wuhan, China. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses with some causing less-severe disease, such as the common cold, and others more severe disease such as MERS and SARS. Chinese authorities report most patients in the Wuhan City outbreak have been linked to a large seafood and animal market, suggesting a possible zoonotic (animal) origin to the outbreak. As of January 22, the National Health Commission (NHC) has been confirmed 440 cases and 9 dead. They have confirmed the human-to-human transmission. National Health Commission say that community transmission at some scale is confirmed. The source of the virus remains still unknown. They are seeing likely that the virus will spread further. There are confirmed cases also in Thailand (13 Jan 20), Japan (16 Jan 20) and South Korea (20 Jan 20) and U.S (21 Jan 20). Suspected cases in: Hong Kong, Philippines and Nepal. 
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Tropical Cyclone,Vanuatu: At 22:00 UTC on 4 April, TC Harold was a category 4 tropical cyclone located approximately 95km off the west coast of Santo, Vanuatu. It is currently moving in a south south easterly direction at a rate of 14km/h, with maximum sustained winds close to the centre estimated at 175km/h.

Flood,Hungary: Devastating storm cells hit Eastern Hungary on 27th afternoon, leaving 80 settlements affected by damages caused by strong wind and heavy rainfall.

Tropical Cyclone,Fiji: Tropical Disturbance, TD03F was upgraded to a depression on 31th Jan 2018 at 6 AM. Tropical Depression, TD03F center was located near 11 degrees' south latitude and 172 degrees' east longitude or about 470km west-northwest of Rotuma and about 860km northwest of Nadi. TD03F may intensify further into a category 1 tropical cyclone in the next 12 to 18 hours with average winds of 65km/hr and momentary gusts to 90km/hr close to the centre. TD03F is moving southeast at about 25km/hr.