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Event: EP Epidemic
Number: 2022-000162
Country: TMP East Timor
Date (YMD): 2022-2-5
Information Source:The Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL), Ministry of Health (MoH) Timor-Leste
Comments: Timor-Leste has recorded an escalation of dengue fever cases from the start of 2022 with the death toll reaching 20 on 31 January 2022, making it the deadliest year in recent times. In the first week of 2022, there were 288 suspected cases of dengue in seven municipalities. In the second week of 2022, there were 56 additional dengue cases reported across Timor-Leste. Following a growing number of cases, fatality rate from the start of 2022 and considering Timor-Leste Covid-19 pandemic situation, on 15 January 2022 the Government of Timor-Leste released a circular declaring that dengue had become a serious public health concern. By the third week of January, the number of recorded cases across the country had more than doubled and health capacities could not cope with the needs in the field.
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