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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 1996-000007
Country: TWN Taiwan (China)
Date (YMD): 1996-7-23
Information Source:Govt. China-Hong Kong
Comments: Herb developed as a tropical depression over the Pacific about 1 070 km east-northeast of Guam on 23 July. Tracking westwards, it intensified over water and attained typhoon intensity on 26 July. Herb adopted a northwestward track on 29 July and traversed the northern part of Taiwan on the early morning of 1 August, inflicting heavy damage on the island. At least 40 people were killed, 34 reported missing and 380 injured. Apart from bringing serious flooding and landslides, Herb also disrupted electricity supply to over two million households. A total of 13 counties were declared major disaster areas in the wake of Herb. The economic loss in Taiwan was put at NT$ 30 billion. After crossing the Taiwan Strait, Herb made landfall over Fujian on 1 August causing severe damage where 18 people were killed and 2 300 houses were destroyed or inundated. The high winds associated with Herb also affected the coast of Zhejiang where five people were killed and five others were reported missing. Herb finally dissipated as an area of low pressure as it moved further inland.
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