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FF-2022-000187-AUS Flash Flood Australia Flooding in eastern Australia that began last week has worsened after further heavy rain. Authorities now report extensive flooding in areas of Queensland and New South Wales, with thousands of residents evacuated and homes damaged. More fatalities have also been reported, with at least 8 flood-related deaths in Queensland in the last week. 
OT-2022-000186-EGY Other Egypt Thousands of Ukrainian tourists have been stranded in Egypt as a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine at the time of shut down of the Ukraine airspace. Till date, around 300 tourists remain in Sharm Elsheikh in Egypt as the Ukrainian embassy requested the Egyptian government to help in transporting Ukrainian tourists to Ukraine's neighbouring countries. The chairman of Egypt's Tourism Development Authority announced on 01 March 2022, that around 20,000 people would need assistance. Out of which, according to the Egyptian Cabinet Spokesperson, 9,000 Ukrainian tourists had already left Egypt for Ukraine's neighbouring countries as of 8 March 20221. 
EQ-2022-000185-JPN Earthquake Japan A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has struck northeastern Japan. The Meteorological Agency has issued a tsunami advisory for coastal areas of Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. 
TC-2022-000184-MOZ Tropical Cyclone Mozambique Tropical Cyclone Gombe has affected 100,441 people (20,307 families) in both Nampula and Zambezia provinces, and caused 15 deaths and injured 50 people, according to preliminary data released by the Government. Moreover, the Cyclone has displaced 11,629 people, who are currently hosted in temporary accommodation centers. 
EP-2022-000183-KEN Epidemic Kenya Due to the anticipated start of March, April and May long rains, there is likelihood of geographical increase in the coming weeks/months for the two diseases. The mosquito vector will most likely increase and hence the two vector-borne diseases and even the regular outbreak of Rift Valley fever is like to emerge and compound the whole situation in more counties than the ones under consideration. The last time Chikungunya epidemic was in 2016 and then it affected 4 counties, and hence our prediction is more than the 2 counties (Wajir - Mandera) will fall into the response mode in the coming two months. Yellow Fever epidemic on the other hand was in 1992/93 and the current scenario may extend to more than 6 counties (Isiolo, Wajir, Garissa, Baringo, Elgeyo Markwet, West Pokot and Turkana). This is the earliest opportunity to indicate the likelihood of increase of needs on new geographical areas beyond the current areas. based on the emergency outbreak declared by the government, YF and Chikungunya are vector borned diseases actually spreading in the mentioned localities. 
TC-2022-000182-MDG Tropical Cyclone Madagascar Tropical storm GOMBE formed on 7 March over the Indian Ocean well off the coast of Madagascar, made landfall over southern Antsiranana Province (north-eastern Madagascar) in the late evening (UTC) of 7 March, with maximum sustained winds up to 65 km/h. On 8 March at 6.00 UTC, its centre was located inland in northern Toamasina Province, with maximum sustained winds of 55 km/h (tropical depression).  
EP-2022-000181-MWI Epidemic Malawi The Ministry of Health reported a confirmed case of Type 1 wild poliovirus (WPV1) in Lilongwe district, Malawi on 17 February 2022. This is the first detection of a case of WPV1 in Africa since 2016.  
FL-2022-000180-THA Flood Thailand Heavy rain has also affected southern Thailand over the last few days, resulting in floods in the provinces of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Narathiwat, Pattani, Phatthalung, Songkhla, Trang and Yala. Thai Meteorological Department reported 184 mm of rain fell in Pattani in 24 hours. 
FR-2022-000179-CAF Fire Central African Republic Two large villages located 15 km from the town of Bakala (458 km from Bangui) experienced fires in the night of 24 to 25 February 2022, which caused significant material and human damage. Indeed, this area is experiencing intense drought and very high temperatures at the end of the dry season. Moreover, this is the period during which the fields are burnt. It is therefore from these burnt fields that the fire started, which was at the origin of the present fire. Fire quickly spread to other nearby houses and was aggravated by the strength of the winds. The city does not have a fire department, so the inhabitants tried to put out the fire with the means at hand. Unfortunately, the fire continued until the night of February 26, 2022. After a few hours of calm, the fire started again on 28 February 2022, affecting new villages. The assessment made by volunteers and local authorities shows 191 families, i.e. 955 people, including 171 men, 385 women and 399 children. In this population, 11 pregnant women, 12 nursing mothers, 36 elderly people and 17 disabled people were also noted. 
DR-2022-000178-AGO Drought Angola GDACS - Medium impact for agricultural drought in 456883 km2 over Tanzania, Zambia, Congo, Mozambique-2021  
EP-2022-000177-SDN Epidemic Sudan On 12 February 2022, the Director of Department of Vector Control at the Ministry of Health of Gedaref State, released an appeal statement calling for assistance in control of alarming increase in cases of Visceral Leishmaniasis (KalAzar). The report indicated a continuous increase of cases throughout 2022 with 302 cases and 8 death only for January compare to the previous year's showing cumulative data of 2,973 cases with 69 deaths registered in 2021; 2,136 cases with 38 deaths in 2020 and 2,098 cases with 29 death in 2019. Especially for children, there has been an alarming increase of cases with an average increase of 130% of cases and death. 24% of the reported cases were children since 2019. The report did not differentiate the type of leishmaniasis infections for the moment, which have 3 variants include Kal-Azar (the visceral mortal one), Cutaneous and Mucocutaneous. Base on the level of mortality, heath disagnostic, mortality increase can find their origin in the increase of the worst variant, the Kal-azar one. The risk for population and the humanitarian emergency on the spread of this disease become then an emergency scaled-up by local authorities and SRCS. 
DR-2022-000176-MHL Drought Marshall Islands According to the Drought Information Statement (DIS) issued 6 January 2022, some of the Northern islands have reported limited to no rain in the first week of January. Mostly dry conditions have persisted across the northern Marshall Islands. D1 (Moderate drought) was introduced for Wotje atoll based on insight from WSO Majuro and the USDM USAPI team. Atolls near and north of Wotje are likely in a similar drought status. Weather Service Office Majuro and Weather Forecast Office Guam will continue to monitor conditions across the northern Marshalls, and a drought statement will be issued for this region if conditions deteriorate further. 
TC-2022-000175-MDG Tropical Cyclone Madagascar GDACS - High humanitarian impact, max wind speed 204 km/h  
EC-2022-000174-MDG Extratropical Cyclone Madagascar Tropical Cyclone Emnati has passed Mauritius and the French territory of La Reunion and is forecast to reach Madagascar on Tuesday, 22 Feb. Communities that were hardest-hit by Tropical Cyclone Batsirai are likely to be impacted again by Emnati, which is expected to make landfall between the cities of Mananjary and Manakara. Response efforts are ongoing, led by the Government with support from humanitarian partners.  
WF-2022-000173-ARG Wild fire Argentina GDACS - Medium in Argentina  
OT-2022-000172-RUS Other Russia Preparedness. 
FL-2022-000171-BRA Flood Brazil GDACS - Medium in Brazil  
DR-2022-000170-ESP Drought Spain GDACS - Medium impact for agricultural drought in 212456 km2 over Spain - Portugal-2021  
DR-2022-000169-DZA Drought Algeria GDACS - Medium impact for agricultural drought in 246431 km2 over Morocco Algeria Tunisia-2021  
DR-2022-000168-ETH Drought Ethiopia GDACS - Medium impact for agricultural drought in 110396 km2 over East Africa-2021  
OT-2022-000167-SYR Other Syrian Arab Rep On 20 January 2022, an attack by ISg's on Sina'a prison in Al-Hasakeh city resulted in rapidly escalating hostilities with gunfire and explosions reported from the area. Civilian casualties were reported, and up to 75,000 people (15,000 families) were forced to move out from the neighbourhoods or between houses where the main hostilities and fighting took place. Most of the displaced people have sought safety with family and friends in Al Hasakeh city and its surrounding neighbourhoods, while others have been hosted at seven temporary shelters. The pre-crises conditions in the affected neighbourhoods and host communities were already critical, with low resilience among the population to withstand any additional shocks. The harsh winter conditions exacerbated by the lack of electricity, fuel and transportation, combined with economic crises that have sent food and basic items prices sky-rocketing, impact from COVID-19 had already depleted the coping capacities among the host communities. Families depending on daily labour for their livelihoods lost their income due to the lockdown and curfews not only in Al-Hasakeh city but also in the governorate at large. While the lockdown has been lifted, there is still a partial curfew in effect and movements are strictly controlled.  
FL-2022-000165-FRA Flood France GDACS - Medium in France, Madagascar, Mauritius  
FL-2022-000164-ECU Flood Ecuador The rainfall increasing in the country has caused floods, alluviums, undermining and landslides, affecting with greater magnitude since the end of January and the beginning of February 2022 in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Guayas, El Oro and Los Rios. 
CW-2022-000163-PSE Cold Wave Palestine (West Bank, Gaza) Starting 20 January 2022, the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) starting on Saturday 20/01/2022 was hit by extreme weather conditions including heavy rain floods, winds, snow, and low-temperature cold wave. The heavy rain generated floods in several parts of Palestine, affecting thousands of people and forcing were affected with many families being evacuated from fleeing their homes. The extreme weather conditions resulted in the deaths of four people due to improper use of heating sources in the West Bank.  
EP-2022-000162-TMP Epidemic East Timor Timor-Leste has recorded an escalation of dengue fever cases from the start of 2022 with the death toll reaching 20 on 31 January 2022, making it the deadliest year in recent times. In the first week of 2022, there were 288 suspected cases of dengue in seven municipalities. In the second week of 2022, there were 56 additional dengue cases reported across Timor-Leste. Following a growing number of cases, fatality rate from the start of 2022 and considering Timor-Leste Covid-19 pandemic situation, on 15 January 2022 the Government of Timor-Leste released a circular declaring that dengue had become a serious public health concern. By the third week of January, the number of recorded cases across the country had more than doubled and health capacities could not cope with the needs in the field. 
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Other,Egypt: Thousands of Ukrainian tourists have been stranded in Egypt as a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine at the time of shut down of the Ukraine airspace. Till date, around 300 tourists remain in Sharm Elsheikh in Egypt as the Ukrainian embassy requested the Egyptian government to help in transporting Ukrainian tourists to Ukraine's neighbouring countries. The chairman of Egypt's Tourism Development Authority announced on 01 March 2022, that around 20,000 people would need assistance. Out of which, according to the Egyptian Cabinet Spokesperson, 9,000 Ukrainian tourists had already left Egypt for Ukraine's neighbouring countries as of 8 March 20221.

Flood,India: Heavy rainfall has been affecting northeastern India (in particular Arunchal Pradesh, Assam, and Meghalaya States) since 13 May 2022, triggering landslides and causing river overflow and floods that have resulted in casualties and damage. Media report, as of 16 May, seven fatalities, of which one in Itanagar City (southern Arunchal Pradesh), due to a landslide, three in the Dima Hasao District (central Assam) also in this case due to a landslide, and three more across central Meghalaya (two in East Khasi Hills District and one Ri-Bhoi District) due to floods.

Violent Wind,Somalia: This is following sudden heavy rains and windstorms which struck North Gaalkacyo on 10th May, impacting the city of Gaalkacyo and its surrounding areas, which host the camps. The most affected people by this disaster are approximately 4,416 internally displaced people (736 HH) people living in 18 of the 20 recorded camps.

Drought,Niger: According to the National Food Crisis Prevention and Management Mechanism, the 2021 agricultural season was marked by pests in crops, delays in planning and above average rainfall in the end of August and September. As a result, the food production was below average bringing the Niger population and risk of food insecurity. Following the results of the harmonised framework of March 2022, more than 3 million people are already facing food insecurity (fase 3). The projections predict a total of 4,402,406 persons to be directly affected.