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FL-2023-000053-ECU Flood Ecuador Over 18-21 February, floods and landslides triggered by heavy rainfall affected Ecuador and resulted in casualties and damage. The most affected Provinces are Chimborazo, Esmeraldas, Los Ríos, Loja, Manabí, El Oro and Guayas. According to the Risk Management Secretariat, at least six people have died due to flood events (four across Chimborazo Province and two others in Esmeraldas Province in central and northern Ecuador). 
FL-2023-000052-ETH Flood Ethiopia Since the start of March, heavy rainfall has been affecting several regions of Ethiopia (particularly the Somali Region), causing widespread floods, the overflow of rivers and leading to casualties and damage. 
FF-2023-000051-KEN Flash Flood Kenya The March April May season started this year with heavier than usual rains bringing floods, flash floods across the northern and southern parts of the country. At least 12 people have lost their lives and hundreds have been displaced from their homes in Kenya after intense flooding affected several counties over the week from 22 to 27 March 2023. Significant impacts of the floods began to be reported from 23 March and continued up to 27th of March. On 27th March it was reported bad weather including strong winds and heavy rains caused damage in some Western counties (North Western and South Western), mainly in Narok, Kajiado, West Pokot Counties. From data collected as of 27th, at least 36,432 people are currently affected across 19 counties are already affected most being in Western part of the country (North Western and South Western). This include Kisumu, Nyamira, Kisii, Kakamega, Narok, Turkana, Isiolo, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, Marsabit, Samburu, Mandera, Wajir, Kiambu, Siaya, Bungoma and Nairobi. Some counties have reported massive destruction of roads, houses, infrastructures, crops and deaths have been reported due to the floods. Landslides are also feared across the Rift Valley region, where massive environmental degradation has happened due to rampant tree felling. Forecasts have warned of further heavy rainfall up to mid/late April 2023 as per the forecast from Kenya Meteorological Department. Some of the counties affected are also affected by existing cholera outbreaks and food insecurity due to a multi year on going overall drought situation. 
TO-2023-000050-USA Tornadoes United States The death toll rose to 32 Sunday after a batch of ferocious storms and tornadoes devastated communities across the American South and Midwest, while parts of the Southern Plains braced for their own round of severe weather. The storm outbreak Friday that walloped the country spawned more than 50 tornado reports in at least seven states, where tornadoes crushed homes and businesses, ripped roofs off buildings, splintered trees and sent vehicles flying. 
EQ-2023-000049-PNG Earthquake Papua New Guinea GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 7M tsunami generates 0m 
EP-2023-000048-SSD Epidemic South Sudan The Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan declared a measles outbreak on the 10th of Dec 2022. This is the second declaration of a measles outbreak last year after the first one on 23 February 2022. South Sudan started reporting measles cases in January 2022 in two counties -Torit in Eastern Equatoria State and Maban in Upper Nile State and as of week 5 (ending 04 February 2023), 55 counties across all 10 States have reported suspected measles cases. Out of the counties reporting measles cases, outbreaks have been confirmed in 25 counties after surpassing the outbreak threshold. 
EP-2023-000047-TZA Epidemic Tanzania On 16 March 2023, the ministry of health (MOH) of the republic of Tanzania announced that seven cases and five deaths of an unknown disease had been reported in Kagera region (that borders Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi) in Bukoba rural, Maruku and Kanyengereko ward in Bulinda and Butayaibega villages. The cases were confirmed for Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) on 21 March 2023. The index case was reported to have a travel history from Goziba in lake Victoria and developed symptoms upon returning to his village in Bukoba while the timeline for exposure and onset of symptoms remains unknown. Four other cases were from the same family as the index case. Two heath care workers were also infected and one of them succumb to the disease. This is the first officially declared Marburg Outbreak in Tanzania, although serological studies have found the presence of Marburg in bat populations in the region. As of 22 March 2023, a total of eight cases including five deaths (CFR 63.6%) have been reported, while other three cases are currently undergoing treatment in health facilities in Kagera region. The cases had symptoms of fever, bleeding from various body parts and kidney failure. The specimens from the deceased and living patients were collected and confirmed MVD by RT-PCR at the National Health Laboratory. The MoH reports that the outbreak is confined to Bukoba council in Kagera region and contact tracing activities have been initiated with a total of 195 contacts identified with 185 of them being monitored. 
TO-2023-000046-USA Tornadoes United States The State of Mississippi is continuing to respond to the devastating deadly tornadoes that swept through the state overnight on March 24, 2023. At this time the death toll has risen to 25 and dozens of others are injured. The fatalities are reported in Sharkey, Humphreys, Carroll, and Monroe counties. Four people reported missing overnight have now been accounted for. Multiple state agencies and partners are working together to help in the response and recovery efforts. 
FF-2023-000044-SOM Flash Flood Somalia Several areas of Somalia received moderate rains in the week starting 12 March, with the heaviest rainfall recorded in Gedo and Bay regions, particularly in Baardheere, Wanle Wayne, Luuq and Doolow districts. According to the latest rainfall outlook for the 2023 Gu season. Partners have raised concerns over a likely deterioration of the living conditions, particularly for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in overcrowded settlements with inadequate shelter. The rains also come at a time when partners are struggling with a surge in disease outbreaks, including acute watery diarrhoea/cholera, and measles cases, which are likely to increase due to the risk of people consuming contaminated water and lack of adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities and services. 
EQ-2023-000043-AFG Earthquake Afghanistan An earthquake of 6.8 magnitude was reported from Hindukush region of Afghanistan. Shockwaves were felt in most of the northern parts of Pakistan; including KP, GB, AJ&K, ICT and Northern Punjab with lesser degree in Northern Balochistan. The earthquake was followed by one aftershock of 3.7 magnitude. 
EQ-2023-000043-PAK Earthquake Pakistan An earthquake of 6.8 magnitude was reported from Hindukush region of Afghanistan. Shockwaves were felt in most of the northern parts of Pakistan; including KP, GB, AJ&K, ICT and Northern Punjab with lesser degree in Northern Balochistan. The earthquake was followed by one aftershock of 3.7 magnitude. CNN reported more than 13 casualties. 
EQ-2023-000043-TJK Earthquake Tajikistan GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 5.9M 
FL-2023-000042-SYR Flood Syrian Arab Rep On 16 March, a heavy rainstorms swept through Northern Syria and the wider region. In Northeast Syria, the consequent floods caused significant damages, the destruction of infrastructure and loss of livelihoods, leaving bridges and agricultural land damaged. At least eight people died due to the floods in Al Hasakah, Ar-Raqqa and Kobane. The Abu Khashab camp suffered severe damages with accumulation of mud on the roads and water entering the tents, worsening the living conditions of more than 10,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). 
FL-2023-000041-PRY Flood Paraguay The rains in the northern part of Paraguay that began in mid-February registered a maximum impact on 28 February, with more than 350 mm of rain recorded in a period of 12 hours, causing flash floods in the departments of Concepción, Alto Paraguay and Amambay 
FL-2023-000040-TUR Flood Turkey On 14-15 March heavy rainfall affected the Provinces of Adiyaman and Sanliurfa (southern Türkiye) causing floods and resulting in casualties and damage. According to media, 14 people have died, of which 12 in Sanliurfa (hit by 111 mm of rain in 24 hours) and two others in Adiyaman (136 mm of rain in 24 hours). In addition, at least five people are still missing (three in Adiyaman and two in Sanliurfa) as reported by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) and media. 
EP-2023-000039-SSD Epidemic South Sudan On the 22nd February, Medicines' San Frontiers Spain (MSF Spain) in Malakal, Upper Nile State received alert of increasing cases of acute watery diarrhea and vomiting in children aged 1 year and below. Two samples were collected and tested positive for cholera on rapid diagnostic testing (RDT). Additional nine samples were collected and transported to the National Public Health Laboratory in Juba on the 2nd March 2023 for culture and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Two out of the nine samples tested positive for Vibrio cholerae on PCR testing. On 25th February 2023, Ministry of Health received notification of suspected case of cholera from Malaka, Upper Nile State. Since then, the Malakal county continue to received more alerts of increasing cases of acute watery diarrhoea and vomiting. The Malakal cholera update of 11 March 2023 reported a total of 265 cholera cases including one death have been reported from Malakal, Upper Nile State. Most of the cases are males (147/55%) while 118 accounting for 45% are females. Overall, case patients between 0-4years old are mostly affected. Since February, the curve of children under 4 have represent between 91% to 95% of the reported cases. On 7th March the children from 0 to 4 years were already 170 (95%) of the 179 cases reported. Of these, 109 (61%) are from Malakal Town, while 70 (39%) are from Malakal Protection of Civilians Sites (POC). The Malakal PoC site was born out of the civil war that started in South Sudan on 15 December 2013. At the time, civilians were fleeing from indiscriminate and deliberate attacks and their only place of refuge was the UNMISS Base in Malakal. To date, it remains a crucial safe haven for 34,056 IDPs/civilians (source: DRC April 2021 population head count) who still perceive the security environment outside the PoC site as unsafe, with the PoC site continuing to serve as a critical coping mechanism for populations facing risk in Malakal and beyond. With the positive PCR test result, the Ministry of Health hereby declared a confirmed outbreak of cholera in Malakal, Upper Nile State, South Sudan on 7th March 2023, and issued situation report number one. 
EQ-2023-000038-ECU Earthquake Ecuador GDACS - High humanitarian impact, magnitude 6.8M tsunami generates 0m 
FL-2023-000037-MWI Flood Malawi GDACS - Medium in Malawi  
FL-2023-000036-PER Flood Peru The number of casualties is increasing following heavy rainfall, floods and landslides that have been affecting several Departments of Peru since the beginning of March. According to UN OCHA, at least 58 people have died while the National Institute of Civil Defense of Peru (INDECI) reports more than 24,000 affected people and more than 6,400 damaged or destroyed houses. The State of Emergency has been declared in the Departments of Cajamarca, La Libertad, Lambayeque and Piura for the impact due to the huge precipitations. For the next 24 hours, moderate to heavy rain is expected across north-western, western and south-western Peru while light to moderate rain is expected across the rest of the country. 
EQ-2023-000035-VUT Earthquake Vanuatu Vanuatu has been affected by destructive winds and heavy rains, brought by two category 4 cyclones and followed by a 6.6 M earthquake between 1- 4 of March. The disasters have caused widespread damage and destruction. Port Vila and Tanna Island are the most affected areas. The cost of damages is estimated at USD 50 000 000. 30,000 households are affected, and 5,000 people are still displaced in evacuation centres. 15 days after the disasters, food security, lack of drinkable water, and water-borne disease risks are a growing common concern among stakeholders. (ECHO, 13 Mar 2023) 
EP-2023-000034-NGA Epidemic Nigeria There has been an alarming increase in the diphtheria in Nigeria since early 2023, worsen in march. The suspected cases reported increased from 136 cases in Week 1 of 2023 to 253 cases. As of March 2, 2023, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) recorded again further increase of the disease. In total of 733 suspected cases, including 89 deaths (CFR 12.3%) with children between the ages of 5 and 18 are the age group most afflicted. The overall case fatality rate is (12.3). World Health Organization (WHO) latest data received from ProMed, reported that 20 states are currently reported suspected cases in Nigeria, with the majority of cases reported from Kano (74%), Yobe (12%), Katsina (6%), Sokoto (2%), Enugu ( 1%), Ogun ( 1%), Osun (1%), Kaduna (1%), Lagos (1%), and Zamfara (1%) states. Osun  and lagos state has high cases of zero dose children who are at risk of diphtheria. This outbreak has been labelled as one of the most recently severe outbreaks of diphtheria in Nigeria in recent years. Diphtheria is a disease that affects most people without the vaccine, and the NCDC reports that out of the suspected cases, only 27 (12.5%) out of 216 confirmed cases were fully vaccinated with a diphtheria toxin-containing vaccine. There have been laboratory-confirmed cases in addition to clinically suspected cases, and the NCDC is collaborating with state health departments and partners to improve surveillance and response to the outbreak. NCDC has been working with stakeholders to increase the awareness of the disease, however the cases continues to increase. NCDC was first notified of suspected diphtheria cases in Kano and Lagos states on December 1, 2022. On January 20, 2023, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) officially declared the situation as an outbreak of Diphtheria cases in Lagos and Kano States, which were the first to confirm Diphtheria cases. Diphtheria quickly spread to other states. The National technical working group multi-partner, multi-sectoral Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) activated to coordinate the response activities at all level. With the alarming trend, Zamfara state also requested National Society assistance in the emergency action to reduce the huge burden on the health care services in the state. 
CE-2023-000033-TGO Complex Emergency Togo The Savannah region bordering Burkina Faso has been plagued by incursions from non-state armed groups on the Burkinabe side of the border with several attacks since 2021. These attacks have multiplied since February, leading the Government on 17 February 2023 to request support from the CRT and its other partners for assistance to displaced populations. On that date, the death toll from the crisis was - 102 dead and 15 injured. - 2,037 displaced households, approximately 12,222 people including IDPs and Burkinabe populations. * 1403 Burkinabe households in refuge in Togo. * 634 internally displaced households. New attacks continue to be recorded according to reports from branches on the ground. But access to information and data sharing remains an important challenge to define actions in real time. In addition, a certain degree of discretion at local level did not facilitate the clear identification of the number of displaced persons by the NS. In light of this, the CRT conducted a situation update mission, reporting 22,000 people affected by the crisis, including 8,857 IDPs including refugees and 13,861 host populations. The situation of the branches also shows that the villages attacked are mainly in the North East of the Savannah region and on the Burkinabe border, while the populations have found refuge in the more secure villages in the South of the Savannah region. The main places of refuge include: the Prefecture of Kpendjal in majority (Kpenjal- West in majority), the Prefecture of Tône, the Prefecture of Manjouaré (in the town of Majouaré), the Prefecture of Oti (mainly in Oti-Sud), and Cinkassé in the Savannes region. The displaced are received daily by tens to hundreds in the above-mentioned localities. The current number of displaced persons is said to exceed the above figures by tens of thousands. The displaced persons are said to be fleeing from the attacks, but they are also fleeing following warnings within the communities of possible attacks, whether or not they are actually planned. The populations found refuge in host families in villages located more than 20 km from their original residences. Most of the population moved on foot or on carts with their few pieces of luggage, leaving behind their granaries, poultry and small ruminants. It should be remembered that the majority of these displaced persons arrived in host families without the minimum of facilities for their integration. This forced the host families to share their food reserves with their hosts. Today, it is difficult to eat the 3 daily meals. The consumption of pets has started to increase. Among the displaced there is a high percentage of children under 11 years old (about 30%) who are psychologically affected by the atrocities and the change of life. Access to the villages of origin to consider a return is no longer possible or at least remains a challenge as the security situation remains volatile with explosive devices buried on the roads. This is the case, where on 2 February, 10 people on board a tricycle fell victim to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at a place called Inamoufali. No survivors were noted as the convoy headed to the cemeteries to bury the four peasants murdered the day before. In addition, there were reports of infiltration into the existing groups of people in the host villages. 
LS-2023-000032-IDN Land Slide Indonesia At least 10 people have died and many more are thought to be missing after heavy rain falling on unstable ground caused a massive landslide in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia on 6 March 2023. 
FR-2023-000031-BGD Fire Bangladesh A massive fire broke out in Rohingya refugee camps of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh on the afternoon on March 05, 2023. Based on initial report, at around 3:00 PM, the fire ignited from block D of camp 11 and it immediately spread across 15 sub-blocks (A1-A5, B1-B4, D1-D6) in camp11, leaving over more than 2,000 infrastructures including shelters, community centers, water network, learning centers and health facilities either fully or partly affected. The current season as well as wind intensity and direction have been one of the factors as to why the fire had spread rapidly and engulfed its surrounding areas. The Government of Bangladesh immediately mobilized its Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) units from Ukhiya and Cox's Bazar to suppress the fire, while the CPP trained Disaster Management Unit (DMU) volunteers in camp 11 and from its adjacent camps also supported in managing the fire as well assisting the relocation of affected individuals to temporary safe spaces As of 6 March 2023, based on the initial report from the ongoing Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) led by the Site Management Agency, more than 3,000 households and 15,926 individuals have been affected. Among these, more than 5,000 individuals have been displaced, while 200 persons injured and 22 missing. Additionally, a total of 2,805 shelters have been damaged (2,664 fully damaged; 141 partially damaged), 992 WASH facilities damaged (980 fully damaged; 12 partially), while 155 critical facilities such as learning centers, moktubs/mosques, child/ youth/adolescent/ women friendly spaces, and health facilities have been affected. Included in the damaged facilities reported are one (1) Primary Health Center and Three (3) Water supply Networks of BDRCS. 
TC-2023-000030-VUT Tropical Cyclone Vanuatu Tropical cyclone KEVIN-23 formed on March 1, 2023, over the South Pacific Ocean between Vanuatu and Caledonia and is moving southeast over the Vanuatu Islands. On 3 March at about 06:00 UTC, the centre of the KEVIN-23 cyclone was located offshore approximately 85 km west of Port Vila with maximum sustained winds of 155 km/h and heavy rainfall. The cyclone came just a couple of days after Tropical Cyclone JUDY-23. 
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Epidemic,South Sudan: The Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan declared a measles outbreak on the 10th of Dec 2022. This is the second declaration of a measles outbreak last year after the first one on 23 February 2022. South Sudan started reporting measles cases in January 2022 in two counties -Torit in Eastern Equatoria State and Maban in Upper Nile State and as of week 5 (ending 04 February 2023), 55 counties across all 10 States have reported suspected measles cases. Out of the counties reporting measles cases, outbreaks have been confirmed in 25 counties after surpassing the outbreak threshold.

Wild fire,Canada: Wildfires that have already forced thousands in Canada's Nova Scotia province to evacuate were threatening communities on the outskirts of Halifax on Wednesday and causing poor air quality hundreds of miles away as smoke drifted across the U.S. border. Dozens of firefighters and several water bombers battled two out-of-control blazes - dubbed the Tantallon Fire and the Bedford Fire - northwest of downtown Halifax, the provincial capital. Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE) crews remain on-scene and fighting the fires burning in multiple areas, with more than 837 hectares in the impacted area. At the peak of evacuation orders, roughly 16,492 residents were evacuated from their homes. There are no reported missing people or injuries reported.

Tropical Cyclone,Philippines: Tropical Cyclone MAWAR is forecast to continue north-west over the Philippine Sea and to enter in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) in the late evening (UTC) of 26 May. It is expected to reach the area of the Luzon Strait (between northern Philippines and southern Taiwan) on 30 May. Strong winds are forecast over Guam and the southern Northern Mariana Islands on 25 May. The Typhoon Warning over Guam and Rota issued by NOAA is in force. In addition, heavy rainfall, strong winds and storm surges are forecast over northern Luzon on 28-30 May.

Flood,Algeria: The floods had widespread impact on several provinces of Algeria causing casualties and damage to households and livelihoods.