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DR-2000-000122-SDN Drought Sudan (Drought) 
DR-2000-000121-ETH Drought Ethiopia (Drought) 
EP-2000-000120-ZAR Epidemic Zaire/Congo, Dem Rep (PREVIOUS) (Unknown) 
EP-2000-000119-PAK Epidemic Pakistan (Unknown) 
FL-2000-000118-MWI Flood Malawi (Flood) 
WF-2000-000117-IDN Wild fire Indonesia (Forest) 
FL-2000-000116-ARG Flood Argentina (Flood) 
AC-2000-000115-BRA Tech. Disaster Brazil {Petrobas refinery} (Ind:Chemical spill) 
AC-2000-000114-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic (Misc:Explosion) 
AC-2000-000113-TUV Tech. Disaster Tuvalu {Dormitory} (Misc:Fire) 
AC-2000-000112-NGA Tech. Disaster Nigeria (Road) 
EQ-2000-000111-MEX Earthquake Mexico (Earthquake) 
EP-2000-000110-MOZ Epidemic Mozambique (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
EP-2000-000109-NGA Epidemic Nigeria {Acute watery diarrhoeal syndrome} (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
EP-2000-000108-IDN Epidemic Indonesia {Dengue fever} (Arbovirus) 
ST-2000-000107-MDG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Madagascar {Eline, Gloria} (Cyclone) 
AC-2000-000106-PAK Tech. Disaster Pakistan (Road) 
AC-2000-000105-PRY Tech. Disaster Paraguay (Road) 
WF-2000-000104-ETH Wild fire Ethiopia (Forest) 
FL-2000-000103-ZMB Flood Zambia (Flood) 
AC-2000-000102-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic {Coal mine} (Ind:Explosion) 
AC-2000-000101-IDN Tech. Disaster Indonesia (Road) 
EP-2000-000100-SDN Epidemic Sudan (Meningitis) 
AC-2000-000099-MAR Tech. Disaster Morocco (Rail) 
FL-2000-000098-COL Flood Colombia (Flood) 
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Disasters on or after week 22
From: 2020/5/24  To: 2020/6/5

Tropical Cyclone,El Salvador: Tropical Storm Amanda, which began to form off the Pacific coast the previous week, made landfall on 31 May, prompting intense rainfall and sustained winds between 64 to 105 km/h over parts of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as it moved north towards the Gulf of Mexico, later dissipating into a tropical depression. El Salvador and Guatemala declared nationwide red alerts, while Honduras placed 10 departments in the southwest under yellow alert.

Flash Flood,Indonesia: A severe weather warning covering the period May-June has been issued by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG, Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika) covering several parts of Indonesia, including Aceh, Riau, Riau Islands, Bengkulu, South Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, and several parts of Kalimantan. The BMKG warning indicated that heavy rain would continue until the end of May 2020 in East Kalimantan, particularly in the northern area where the upstream of Karang Mumus river is located. In line with this forecast, heavy and intense rain on Thursday to Friday( 21 to 22 May 2020) has submerged 11 villages of eight sub-districts in Samarinda city, East Kalimantan province. In addition to the heavy rainfall, the flooding was triggered by a rise in water level at the Karang Mumus river and Benanga dam. Responding to this event, the mayor of Samarinda city has declared a 14-day emergency response period from 22 May – 4 June 2020.