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AC-2000-000088-THA Tech. Disaster Thailand (Road) 
EP-2000-000087-SOM Epidemic Somalia {Acute watery diarrhoeal syndrome} (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
AC-2000-000086-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic (Road) 
DR-2000-000085-URY Drought Uruguay (Drought) 
AC-2000-000084-THA Tech. Disaster Thailand {Military helicopter} (Air) 
FL-2000-000083-ZWE Flood Zimbabwe (Flood) 
SL-2000-000082-IDN SLIDE (use LS/ AV/MS instead) Indonesia (Landslide) 
EQ-2000-000081-COL Earthquake Colombia (Earthquake) 
FL-2000-000080-USA Flood United States (Flood) 
FL-2000-000079-NAM Flood Namibia (Flood) 
AC-2000-000078-IRN Tech. Disaster Iran, Islamic Republic {Martin C-130 Hercules, Airbus} (Air) 
AC-2000-000077-IND Tech. Disaster India {Train} (Misc:Fire) 
EQ-2000-000076-ISL Earthquake Iceland (Earthquake) 
EP-2000-000075-TZA Epidemic Tanzania (Rabies) 
EP-2000-000073-TZA Epidemic Tanzania (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
SL-2000-000072-BIH SLIDE (use LS/ AV/MS instead) Bosnia-Herzegovina (Landslide) 
AC-2000-000071-THA Tech. Disaster Thailand (Road) 
AC-2000-000070-ITA Tech. Disaster Italy {Espresso Catania, Zafir} (Water) 
DR-2000-000069-UGA Drought Uganda (Drought) 
AC-2000-000068-VNM Tech. Disaster Viet Nam (Road) 
ST-2000-000067-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States (Tornado) 
WV-2000-000066-PHL Wave/Surge(use TS/SS instead) Philippines (Tidal wave) 
EQ-2000-000065-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic (Earthquake) 
AC-2000-000064-UGA Tech. Disaster Uganda (Water) 
EQ-2000-000063-AFG Earthquake Afghanistan (Earthquake) 
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Disasters on or after week 27
From: 2020/6/28  To: 2020/7/11

Flash Flood,Serbia: As of 22nd October, the Republic of Serbia has been affected by heavy rainfalls. The most affected areas are Kolubarski, Moravicki, Raski, Zlatiborski, Rasinski, Toplicki, Jablanicki, and Pomoravski districts.

Flood,Japan: The death toll from floods and landslides caused by heavy rain in Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, has reached 16. Authorities say 17 other people have no vital signs and 13 are missing.

Other,Myanmar: A huge pile of muddy waste collapsed into an open pit at a jade mine in Hpakant area of Kachin state-Myanmar on 2 July 2020. The collapse was triggered by several days of rain that saturated the ground which caused the mudslide.

Flood,Bangladesh: According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), due to strong monsoon, steep pressure gradient lies over the North Bay of Bengal. Maritime ports have been advised to host local cautionary signal No 3. Due to its influence moderately heavy to very heavy falls are likely to occur at many places all over the country. The National Disaster Response Coordination Centre (NDRCC) of Bangladesh reports that on 5 July, more than 15 districts are affected with a case load of 356,451 households representing more than 1.5 million people in these districts.

Complex Emergency,Ethiopia: On June 29, protests broke out in the capital city Addis Ababa and in Oromia region, after a famous Ethiopian pop star/activist was shot dead. This event has contributed in heightening ethnic tensions in the country, leading to violent protests which have caused the death of about 167 people and displacement of hundreds of families.