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ST-2000-000021-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States (Tornado) 
ET-2000-000020-IND Extreme temperature(use CW/HW instead) India (Cold wave) 
FL-2000-000019-BRA Flood Brazil (Flood) 
AC-2000-000018-ZAF Tech. Disaster South Africa (Road) 
WF-2000-000017-ZAF Wild fire South Africa (Scrub) 
DR-2000-000016-SOM Drought Somalia (Drought) 
AC-2000-000015-PER Tech. Disaster Peru (Road) 
AC-2000-000014-MWI Tech. Disaster Malawi (Road) 
AC-2000-000013-NGA Tech. Disaster Nigeria (Road) 
FL-2000-000012-MOZ Flood Mozambique (Flood) 
AC-2000-000011-IDN Tech. Disaster Indonesia (Road) 
AC-2000-000010-IDN Tech. Disaster Indonesia (Road) 
ST-2000-000009-IRN SEVERE LOCAL STORM Iran, Islamic Republic (Storm) 
VO-2000-000008-GTM Volcano Guatemala {Pacaya} (Volcano) 
AC-2000-000007-EGY Tech. Disaster Egypt (Road) 
AC-2000-000006-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic {Hotel} (Misc:Fire) 
AC-2000-000005-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic (Road) 
AC-2000-000004-BRA Tech. Disaster Brazil (Road) 
ET-2000-000003-BGD Extreme temperature(use CW/HW instead) Bangladesh (Cold wave) 
FL-2000-000002-AGO Flood Angola (Flood) 
AC-2000-000001-AGO Tech. Disaster Angola (Road) 
DR-1999-000650-USA Drought United States The eastern part of the country experienced very dry conditions throughout the summer months along with extreme high temperatures. The heat and lack of moisture caused significant agricultural damage and let to more than 500 deaths.  
ST-1999-000649-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States A damaging winter storm affected most of the eastern half of the country in the beginning of the year. 
TO-1999-000648-USA Tornadoes United States A series of F4 and F5 tornadoes hit the central part of the country affecting mostly Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.  
FR-1999-000647-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam  
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Disasters on or after week 49
From: 2022/11/27  To: 2022/12/9

Volcano,Indonesia: GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact for Semeru

Cold Wave,Mongolia: Considering the historical data, the peak of livestock mortality occurred in March and April but December - February are the coldest months of the year where the livestock losses most of its fat and gets malnourished therefore the most impact is inflicted in those months. According to the National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring, In the central and eastern provinces are expected have precipitation and snowstorms during November 24-25, 2022, meanwhile the southern provinces with low precipitation are expected to have strong dust storm. /Update from December 2nd, in Uvs and Khovd provinces, 216 livestock from 12 households have perished, 2 gers have been completely destroyed, 4 people went missing and 4 found, 2 of them are being hospitalized. The main roads in Arkhust, Bayandelger, Erdene, Bayanjargalan counties of Tuv province are blocked by the snow and local authorities are cleaning the snow. The extreme cold has been anticipated in the recent future starting from November 28th to December 2nd, Darkhad valley, Khentii mountains, near Khurenbelchir, in the head of Zavkhan river. The NAMEM has issued an official letter to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and the Light industries on the phenomenon mentioned above could bring serious disruption upon the normal performance of the energy, heating and transportation, agriculture and education sectors. Regarding the weather phenomenon, Capital Governor and Ulaanbaatar City Governor, based on consultation with Minister of Education and Science issued an order on some measures to be taken to reduce the potential risk of weather phenomenon and manage traffic jams and delays

Epidemic,Indonesia: On 19th November 2022, the Ministry of Health (MoH) confirmed the re-emergence of polio (vaccine-derived poliovirus-VDPV) in Indonesia and declared a national polio outbreak, in accordance with international health regulations. The declaration followed a confirmed a Vaccine Derived Poliovirus Type 2 (VDPV2) case identified in Mane Village in Pidie District in Aceh Province. Following the declaration Polio Outbreak on 19th November 2022 in Pidie District, Aceh Province, the Ministry of Health declared 2 more confirmed cases on 22 November 2022, giving in a total of 3 cases detected and confirmed. The cases were found in Pidie District as well.

Earthquake,Iran, Islamic Republic: GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 5.7M