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FL-1997-000022-BOL Flood Bolivia  
EQ-1997-000017-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic  
ST-1997-000013-MDG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Madagascar  
VO-1997-000012-IND Volcano India  
TC-1997-000008-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam The typhoon Fritz (T9721) killed 10, injured 50 and caused US$5,000,000 damage in VietNam. 
TC-1997-000007-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam The typhoon Linda (T9726) killed 3,682, injured 857, left 383,045 homeless, affected 697,225 and caused US$200,000,000 damage in VietNam. 
TC-1997-000006-GUM Tropical Cyclone Guam The cyclone Paka (T9708) injured 20, left 5,000 homeless, affected 1,400 and caused US$200,000,000 damage in Guam. 
TC-1997-000005-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The typhoon Bining killed 30, affected 309,111 and caused US$2,500,000 damage in Philippines. 
TC-1997-000004-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The typhoon Winnie (T9713) killed 140, injured 3,000, left 44,000 homeless, affected 790,000 and caused US2,675,000,000 damage in China. 
TC-1997-000004-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The typhoon Winnie (T9713) killed 18, injured 5 and affected 53,654 in Philippines. 
TC-1997-000003-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The typhoon Zita (T9715) killed 7, injured 349, affected 5,650,000 and caused US$326,500,000 damage in China. 
TC-1997-000002-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The typhoon Ivan (T9723) killed one and affected 4,000 people in Philippines. 
TC-1997-000001-JPN Tropical Cyclone Japan The typhoon Oliwa (T9709) killed 4 and affected 67,000 in Japan. 
DR-1996-000006-USA Drought United States Throughout the Spring and Summer months, severe drought conditions plagued the agricultural regions of the southern part of the country.  
FR-1996-000005-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam Urban Fires. FRD(based on emergency calls), 56 Houses(single houses & terrace housing), 42(apartment, commercials and government office). Loss : $5,956,709.59 
TC-1996-000004-MYS Tropical Cyclone Malaysia The Tropical Storm "Greg" to have direct hit on Sabah. This tropical storm caused severe mudslides. Wind recorded a maximum speed of 70 km/h for several hours before dissipating and moving east. 
TC-1996-000003-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Category 3 hurricane strikes North Carolina and Virginia, over 10-inch 24-hour rains in some locations and extensive agricultural and other losses NOAA reports $3.2 billion in damages. According to Associated Press reports, Hurricane Fran was responsible for 34 deaths. Most of the deaths were caused by flash flooding in the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Twenty-one died in North Carolina alone. However, the total death count will likely be revised downward in the next update of this report based on data from NWS personnel to be published in Storm Data, since the NWS attempts to list deaths directly attributable to the weather. For example, most vehicle accidents and heart attacks from over-exertion after a hurricane are not considered direct deaths. The Property Claim Services Division of the American Insurance Services Group reports that Fran caused an estimated $1.6 billion dollars in insured property damage to the United States. 
FL-1996-000001-USA Flood United States Very heavy snowstorm (1-4 feet) over Appalachians, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast; followed by severe flooding in parts of same area due to rain and snowmelt. NOAA reports $3 billion in damages, 60 direct deaths and 67 indirect deaths. 
ST-1996-000001-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States Very heavy snowstorm (1-4 feet) over Appalachians, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast; followed by severe flooding in parts of same area due to rain and snowmelt. NOAA reports $3 billion in damages, 60 direct deaths and 67 indirect deaths.  
AC-1995-000007-BRN Tech. Disaster Brunei Darussalam 74 houses & 64 apartment, comm, govn't off 
FR-1995-000006-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam Urban fires caused 74 houses and caused 46 apartment, commercials and goverment offices affected.Estimated about BND$9069257.65 losses. 
FR-1995-000005-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam In 1995, 8 people has been killed by urban fire affecting 74 houses (Single houses and terrace housing) and 46 building (Apartment, Commercial and Goverment Office), cost lost damage BND$ 9,069,257.65. 
FR-1995-000004-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam Urban fires caused 74 houses and caused 46 apartment, commercials and goverment offices affected.Estimated about BND$9069257.65 losses. 
EQ-1995-000003-JPN Earthquake Japan The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995 in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. Approximately 6,434 people (final estimate as of 2006), mainly in Kobe, lost their lives as a result of the earthquake. It measured 7.2 on the Richter magnitude scale. 
ST-1995-000002-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States Torrential rains, hail, and tornadoes across Texas - Oklahoma and southeast Louisiana - southern Mississippi, with Dallas and New Orleans areas (10-25 inches in 5 days) hardest hit; $5.0-$6.0 (6.5-7.1) billion damage/costs; 32 deaths. 
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From: 2022/1/9  To: 2022/1/18

Tropical Cyclone,Fiji: Tropical Disturbance TD03F intensified into a Tropical Depression on 8 January 2022 and into a category 1 Tropical Cyclone CODY on 10 January 2022 bringing significant rain which affected the whole of Fiji. The high level of precipitation that has occurred over the Fiji group in the last seven days has been significant, making most of the area water-logged and highly susceptible to flooding. Significant flooding in the West, Central and Northern parts of Fiji has occurred, landslides have been reported, flooding is starting to recede in some areas, but in others water levels remain due to the saturation of the land.

Earthquake,Afghanistan: Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 5.6M

Tsunami,Tonga: On Saturday at 5:30 p.m., according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, a tsunami wave of 1.2 metres (about 4 feet) hit the coastline in and around Nuku’alofa causing yet to be detailed damage to buildings and infrastructure. The authorities had earlier urged people to move to higher ground and to protect water sources.

Tsunami,Peru: Police in Peru say two people have died after being swept away by high waves believed to have been caused by Saturday's huge volcanic eruption in the South Pacific nation of Tonga. Police say the two women had been visiting a beach in the northern region of Lambayeque on Saturday.

Volcano,Fiji: A tsunami warning was issued for all coastal areas and maritime islands on 15 Jan, 2022, but was cancelled this morning. Villages in Lau, Kadavu, Vanua Levu and parts of the Rewa Delta on Viti Levu reported strong currents, high waves and surges which inundated villages. On the islands of Vatoa and Ono i Lau, which are closer to Tonga than mainland Fiji, villagers reported the presence of volcanic ash. The islands of Moce, Moala, Kadavu and Taveuni were hit by a low-level tsunami which caused some flooding, according to authorities.

Volcano,Tonga: After weeks of volcanic activity emitting ash, the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano in Tonga erupted violently last Saturday (15 January). The eruption is said to be one of the biggest in Tonga in the last 30 years, with satellite imagery indicating a 5 km wide plume of ash, steam, and gas, rising approximately 20 km above the volcano. The volcanic eruption generated a 1.2-metre tsunami that crashed ashore in coastal areas of Tonga’s capital, Nuku’alofa.

Earthquake,Indonesia: Hundreds of buildings, including houses, places of worships and community health centers (Puskesmas), were damaged in a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that struck the western parts of Java Island on Friday. The earthquake's epicenter was in the Indian Ocean, near the Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten, at a depth of 40 kilometers and struck at 4.05 p.m. local time, according to the Meteorological Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).