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FR-1997-000538-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam 64 houses (single houses & terrace). 46(apartment, comercials and gov ofc).loss $5,452.120.00 
AC-1997-000537-KHM Tech. Disaster Cambodia One Vietnam Airline VN-815 crashed in the rice field outside Phnom Penh International Airport killing 65 passengers and crew. 
FL-1997-000536-MMR Flood Myanmar All villages in 5 townships,number of affected households were18804,number of affected families were 18855 and number of affected population were 109840. 
FL-1997-000535-MMR Flood Myanmar Worst flood at least 50 people were killed and several damaged to rural houses in all villages in 6 Townships,Bago Division. 
FL-1997-000534-MMR Flood Myanmar Destroyed houses in N0.10,Myopaw Ward,Myikyina and killed 4 people on 9 July 1997.Properties worth 3,000 USD was lost to the flood. 
FL-1997-000533-MMR Flood Myanmar Paungpyin flood that destroyed houses in 5 villages in Sagaing Division on 11 July 1997. 
FL-1997-000532-MMR Flood Myanmar Second major flood of Homalin in 1997 monsoon period, causing several damage to rural houses, villages roads and acres of crops in 63 villages. 
FL-1997-000531-MMR Flood Myanmar One of the major flood in 1997,5 villages in 2 wards,9916 households,9950 families, 59594 people were affected and the total iosses were 9,000USD. 
FL-1997-000530-PER Flood Peru  
FL-1997-000526-ECU Flood Ecuador  
FL-1997-000522-MDA Flood Moldova  
VO-1997-000339-MEX Volcano Mexico  
FL-1997-000337-IND Flood India  
EQ-1997-000326-CHN Earthquake China, People's Republic  
DR-1997-000305-HND Drought Honduras A drought emergency has affected the southern region of Honduras, in particular the Departments of Choluteca, Valle, Francisco Morazhn, El Paraiso and Comayagua. 
FL-1997-000301-UGA Flood Uganda  
DR-1997-000300-SLB Drought Solomon Islands The Solomon Islands have also experienced severe drought. Since June, below average rainfalls have been recorded. 
FL-1997-000299-PRY Flood Paraguay  
ST-1997-000298-PER SEVERE LOCAL STORM Peru  
FL-1997-000295-COD Flood Congo Democratic Republic  
ST-1997-000275-MEX SEVERE LOCAL STORM Mexico  
FL-1997-000270-ETH Flood Ethiopia  
ST-1997-000267-VNM SEVERE LOCAL STORM Viet Nam  
FL-1997-000265-SOM Flood Somalia  
DR-1997-000263-PNG Drought Papua New Guinea 60 people were killed and 500,000 were affected by the drought. 
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Other,Egypt: Thousands of Ukrainian tourists have been stranded in Egypt as a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine at the time of shut down of the Ukraine airspace. Till date, around 300 tourists remain in Sharm Elsheikh in Egypt as the Ukrainian embassy requested the Egyptian government to help in transporting Ukrainian tourists to Ukraine's neighbouring countries. The chairman of Egypt's Tourism Development Authority announced on 01 March 2022, that around 20,000 people would need assistance. Out of which, according to the Egyptian Cabinet Spokesperson, 9,000 Ukrainian tourists had already left Egypt for Ukraine's neighbouring countries as of 8 March 20221.

Earthquake,Iran, Islamic Republic: GDACS - Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 5.6M

Complex Emergency,Congo Democratic Republic: In 2022, the Food Security Cluster in the DRC is targeting 8.8M people, although an overall 27 million people are affected by acute food insecurity. The strategy is based on three pillars including (i) provision of emergency assistance to save the lives of the most vulnerable, (ii) support the recovery and livelihoods of these people and (iii) develop social safety nets to build resilience and reduce the humanitarian needs in the country.

Tropical Cyclone,Mexico: GDACS - Tropical Cyclone CELIA-22 Medium humanitarian impact, max wind speed 139 km/h

Earthquake,Afghanistan: GDACS - High humanitarian impact, magnitude 5.9M

Complex Emergency,Mali: Le Mali est un pays sahélien, dont l'économie dépend en grande partie du secteur agricole, qui lui-même est tributaire des aléas climatiques avec des sécheresses répétitives depuis les années 1970, des inondations, des prédateurs en plus d'importants incidents sécuritaires liés à la situation politique, conflits intercommunautaires, attaques djihadistes et vols de bétail. La pauvreté est en hausse, touchant 78,1 % de la population au niveau pays, et les niveaux d'insécurité alimentaire sont deux fois plus élevés dans les familles dirigées par des femmes.Vu la situation sécuritaire au Mali, une analyse Cadre Harmonisé n'a pas eu lieu lors des premiers mois de 2022, mais considérant le dernier rapport les projections IPC de juin à août 2022, un pic de la malnutrition aiguĂ« est prevue, ainsi qu'une détérioration progressive de la situation nutritionnelle, avec 37 subdivisions administratives concernées et quatre sites de personnes déplacées en phase 3 (Gao, Mopti, Ségou and Timbuktu) cinq subdivisions administratives et un site de personnes déplacées probablement dans un état critique. Le Cluster Sécurité Alimentaire a défini une cible de 2,8 millions de personnes en 2022, parmi lesquelles 1,8 millions devraient bénéficier d'une assistance alimentaire d'urgence. Le chiffre de 1,8 millions correspond aux prévisions du Cadre Harmonisé pour juin-août 2022 (pnr_2022), qui stipulent que 1,684,507 se trouvent en phase 3 et 156,560 en phase 4, ce qui totalise 1,841,067 nécessitant un appui en nourriture.

Flood,United States: GDACS - Medium in United States