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EP-2000-000198-BEN Epidemic Benin (Meningitis) 
EP-2000-000197-KEN Epidemic Kenya {Cholera} (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
FL-2000-000196-SRB Flood Serbia (Flood) 
ST-2000-000195-MOZ SEVERE LOCAL STORM Mozambique {Hudah} (Cyclone) 
WF-2000-000194-KOR Wild fire Korea Republic (Forest) 
FL-2000-000193-AGO Flood Angola (Flood) 
AC-2000-000192-MAR Tech. Disaster Morocco (Road) 
FL-2000-000191-HUN Flood Hungary (Flood) 
AC-2000-000190-ZAR Tech. Disaster Zaire/Congo, Dem Rep (PREVIOUS) (Road) 
AC-2000-000189-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic {Hotel} (Misc:Fire) 
WF-2000-000188-TUR Wild fire Turkey (Forest) 
FL-2000-000187-ROM Flood Romania (Flood) 
DR-2000-000186-AFG Drought Afghanistan (Drought) 
EP-2000-000185-ZMB Epidemic Zambia {Acute diarrhoeal syndrome} (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
EP-2000-000184-BGD Epidemic Bangladesh {Acute diarroheal syndrome} (Diarrhoeal/Enteric) 
EP-2000-000183-BEN Epidemic Benin {Acute neurological syndrome} (Meningitis) 
EP-2000-000182-CAF Epidemic Central African Republic (Meningitis) 
AC-2000-000181-PAN Tech. Disaster Panama {Aeroperlas aircraft} (Air) 
AC-2000-000180-RUS Tech. Disaster Russia (Ind:Explosion) 
FL-2000-000179-RUS Flood Russia (Flood) 
ST-2000-000178-MDG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Madagascar {Hudah} (Cyclone) 
AC-2000-000177-BRA Tech. Disaster Brazil (Road) 
VO-2000-000176-JPN Volcano Japan {Mount Isu} (Volcano) 
ST-2000-000175-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States (Tornado) 
DR-2000-000174-MAR Drought Morocco (Drought) 
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