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FL-1999-000071-MOZ Flood Mozambique  
EQ-1999-000065-IRN Earthquake Iran, Islamic Republic On the morning of Thursday 4 March, 1999 an earthquake measuring 6.3 hit the south-eastern part of Iran. The epicentre of the quake was in the district of Kahnooj in the Kerman province, 200 Km to the south of Kerman city.  
EQ-1999-000054-AFG Earthquake Afghanistan  
FL-1999-000053-PHL Flood Philippines Flash floods occurred along the Lampan river on 21 February. The floods were caused by continuous rains in the province of Lanao del Norte in Mindanao. 
ST-1999-000038-TON SEVERE LOCAL STORM Tonga  
DR-1999-000037-THA Drought Thailand Approximately 6 million people were affected. 
FL-1999-000031-LKA Flood Sri Lanka The northeast monsoon brought heavy rains in the eastern part of Sri Lanka with the dawn of the New Year. 29,288 families were affected by heavy floods.Two deaths had been reported.  
ST-1999-000023-FJI SEVERE LOCAL STORM Fiji  
EQ-1999-000016-COL Earthquake Colombia  
MS-1999-000009-VEN Mud Slide Venezuela Mudslide caused about 30000 people killed 
EQ-1999-000008-TUR Earthquake Turkey Marmara earthquake with M 7.4, 17,127 people killed 
EQ-1999-000007-COL Earthquake Colombia Coffee belt Earthquake with 1186 people killed 
TC-1999-000006-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The tropical storm Wendy (T9914) killed 192, injured 2,600, left 10,600 homeless, affected 528,000 and caused US$277,900,000 damage in China.  
TC-1999-000005-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The typhoon York (T9915) killed 15, injured 700, affected 800 and caused US$24,000,000 damage in China. 
TC-1999-000005-HKG Tropical Cyclone Hong Kong (China) The typhoon York (T9915) killed 2 and injured 493 ub Hong Kong. 
TC-1999-000004-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The typhoon Dan (Pepang/T9920) killed 30, injured 500, affected 115,000, left 7,500 homeless caused US$ 241,600,000 damage in China.  
TC-1999-000004-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines The tyhoon Dan (Pepang/T9920) killed 7, left 4,711 homeless, affected 37,200 and caused US$1,800,000 damage in Philippines. 
TC-1999-000003-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic The typhoon Sam (T9910) killed 5, injured 12 and caused US$18,000,000 damage in China. 
TC-1999-000002-JPN Tropical Cyclone Japan The typhoon Bart (T9918) killed 26, injured 438, left homeless 6,900, affected 20,000 and caused US$ 5,000,000 damage in Japan. 
TC-1999-000001-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Floyd made landfall as a large category 2 hurricane in eastern NC, causing 10-20 inch rains in 2 days, with severe flooding in NC and some flooding in SC, VA, MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, RI, CT, MA, NH, and VT. NOAA reports $4.5 billion in damages. There were 57 deaths that were directly attributable to Floyd, 56 in the United States and 1 in Grand Bahama Island. The death toll by state is as follows: North Carolina 35, Pennsylvania 6, New Jersey 6, Virginia 3, Delaware 2, New York 2, Connecticut 1, and Vermont 1. Most of these deaths were due to drowning in freshwater flooding. Floyd was the deadliest hurricane in the United States since Agnes of 1972. In the United States, the Property Claims Services Division of the Insurance Services Office reports that insured losses due to Floyd totaled 1.325 billion dollars.  
ST-1998-000408-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States A storm system in late May brought severe weather to the Midwest, Northeast, North and Southeast.Damage estimates exceeded $2 billion.  
CW-1998-000407-USA Cold Wave United States An 8-day period of severe freeze damaged fruit and vegetable crops in the Central and Southern San Joaquin Valley.  
FL-1998-000406-USA Flood United States A couple of heavy rain events led to severe flooding in southeast Texas in mid-October.  
FR-1998-000405-BRN Fire Brunei Darussalam Urban Fires. 67 Houses (single houses & terrace housing), 59 (apartment, commercials and govt ofc). Loss : BND$9,972,808.38 
ST-1998-000404-PHL SEVERE LOCAL STORM Philippines Typhoon Faith hit Philippine on 12 Dec 1998, and caused damage in 17 provinces. 8 people have been killed, 5 people habve been injured by 15 Dec 1998. 
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