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FL-2000-000043-ZAF Flood South Africa (Flood) 
AC-2000-000042-DEU Tech. Disaster Germany (Rail) 
EQ-2000-000041-CHN Earthquake China, People's Republic (Earthquake) 
AC-2000-000040-PAK Tech. Disaster Pakistan (Road) 
AC-2000-000039-ESP Tech. Disaster Spain {Furniture store (meubles peralta)} (Misc:Collapse) 
FL-2000-000038-PHL Flood Philippines (Flood) 
ST-2000-000037-REU SEVERE LOCAL STORM Reunion {Connie} (Cyclone) 
EQ-2000-000036-CHN Earthquake China, People's Republic (Earthquake) 
AC-2000-000035-USA Tech. Disaster United States {MD-83} (Air) 
AC-2000-000034-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic {Coal Mine} (Ind:Collapse) 
EQ-2000-000033-CHN Earthquake China, People's Republic (Earthquake) 
AC-2000-000032-CHE Tech. Disaster Switzerland {Crossair Saab-340} (Air) 
AC-2000-000031-LBY Tech. Disaster Libyan Arab Jamah {Chater Shorts 360-300 (HB-AAM)} (Air) 
AC-2000-000030-IND Tech. Disaster India (Rail) 
ET-2000-000029-BGR Extreme temperature(use CW/HW instead) Bulgaria (Cold wave) 
ST-2000-000028-ROM SEVERE LOCAL STORM Romania (Winter) 
AC-2000-000027-IND Tech. Disaster India (Road) 
AC-2000-000026-CHN Tech. Disaster China, People's Republic (Road) 
AC-2000-000025-CIV Tech. Disaster Cote d'Ivoire {Airbus A310} (Air) 
AC-2000-000024-NOR Tech. Disaster Norway (Rail) 
EQ-2000-000023-BGD Earthquake Bangladesh (Earthquake) 
DR-2000-000022-KEN Drought Kenya (Drought) 
ST-2000-000021-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States (Tornado) 
ET-2000-000020-IND Extreme temperature(use CW/HW instead) India (Cold wave) 
FL-2000-000019-BRA Flood Brazil (Flood) 
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