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EQ-1999-000644-PHL Earthquake Philippines Northern provinces in Philippines were jolted by a strong tremor. The earthquake produced 6 casualties and 40 injured. 
EQ-1999-000639-GTM Earthquake Guatemala A strong earthquake measuring 6.5 on Richter struck Central America. 
VO-1999-000584-ECU Volcano Ecuador A volcanic eruption took place in Ambato, Ecuador. 
FL-1999-000574-VNM Flood Viet Nam The southern part of Viet Nam was hardly damaged by flood. 
EQ-1999-000561-DZA Earthquake Algeria On December 22nd, 1999 an earthquake of Magnitude Mw : 5.7 occurred at Ain Temouchent (northwest Algeria).  
FL-1999-000548-YEM Flood Yemen The Socotra Archipelago, southern Yemen, in the Indian Ocean, has suffered massive floods caused by successive periods of torrential rainfall since the evening of 4 December 1999.  
FL-1999-000547-VEN Flood Venezuela Heavy rains caused landslides and overflowing of main rivers, affecting in particular the coastal regions from the eastern State of Anzoategui to the State of Zulia on the west coast. Although the official death toll (based on the body count) remains very low, the media, local authorities and other unofficial sources estimate that between 25,000 and 50,000 people died in the disaster. 
ST-1999-000532-BGD SEVERE LOCAL STORM Bangladesh An extremely strong cyclone hit the Bay of Bengal, some 60 miles from the port city of Paradip in the eastern Indian state Orissa.  
FL-1999-000531-COD Flood Congo Democratic Republic The flooding has taken 2 lives and affected 13,000 people. 
ST-1999-000525-ATG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Antigua & Barbuda Hurricane Lenny battered the fragile islands of the northeast Caribbean with ferocious winds near 145 mph (230 kph) and monstrous waves that smashed fishing fleets and washed coastal homes into the sea. Lenny's torrential rains were responsible for at least seven deaths across the Caribbean Leeward islands.  
EQ-1999-000524-VUT Earthquake Vanuatu A severe earthquake in November 1999 followed by a tsunami, caused extensive damage to the northern island of Pentecote and left thousands homeless.  
DR-1999-000458-RWA Drought Rwanda 82,000 were affected. 
EQ-1999-000449-TUR Earthquake Turkey A devastating earthquake with magnitude 7.2 struck a hilly region of northwestern Turkey. 
ST-1999-000438-ATG SEVERE LOCAL STORM Antigua & Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda was strongly affected by the hurricane Jose. 
FL-1999-000437-KHM Flood Cambodia Tropical depressions and storms streamed across Cambodia, causing swollen streams and rivers to overflow their banks and drain into already flooded rice fields.  
FL-1999-000428-VNM Flood Viet Nam VietNam experienced flooding where over 3.4 million people were affected and 90,000 left homeless. 
ST-1999-000425-IND SEVERE LOCAL STORM India The deadliest Olissa Cyclone has taken nearly 100,000 lives. 
FL-1999-000423-TGO Flood Togo Floodings in Togo affected nearly 65,000 people. 
FL-1999-000413-CAF Flood Central African Republic A flooding occurred in Central African Republic whichaffected 20,000 people. 
EQ-1999-000405-TWN Earthquake Taiwan (China) "A strong earthquake struck southern Taiwan on Friday, toppling 15 buidings, setting off fires, and sending a reported 200 people to hospitals. There were no immediate reports of deaths after the 6.4 magnitude quake, but newspapers said that at least 200 people were injured. Friday's quake struck at 10:19 a.m (0219 GMT) and its epicenter was 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) north of the city of Chiayi. About 80 aftershocks followed but only a few were strong enough to be felt, including 5.1- and 6-magnitude tremors. " 
DR-1999-000404-PRY Drought Paraguay Since June 1999 a drought has been affecting the north of Paraguay and in particular the Departments of Concepcion, San Pedro and Chaco Central. 
ST-1999-000400-CUB SEVERE LOCAL STORM Cuba Hurricane Irene developed in the western Caribbean Sea on October 13 from a tropical wave. While crossing Cuba, Irene produced heavy rainfall.  
FL-1999-000391-MEX Flood Mexico Torrential rains from the season's 11th tropical depression have caused severe flooding and mudslides in Eastern and Southern Mexico. Rivers burst their banks causing what is considered to be the regions worst flooding in 40 years.The unofficial death toll in nine of Mexico's 31 states stood on Thursday at 425, while some 270,000 people were driven from their homes. 
FL-1999-000371-IND Flood India The current monsoon is causing significant damage in the States of Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Tripura and West Bengal. 3,212 villages in 35 districts have been affected and 15,058 houses have suffered damage. The death toll by torrential monsoon rains in India rose to 367. (The death toll from flooding in the eastern Indian state of Bihar has reached 250.) 
FL-1999-000363-NIC Flood Nicaragua During the past two weeks, heavy rains have fallen in particular in the western and northern parts of the country and given rise to flooding. An overall 100,000 people are affected. 5 persons have reportedly been killed and 1,563 evacuated. Damage has been caused to 112 houses and 34 roads. 
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