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ST-1993-000002-USA SEVERE LOCAL STORM United States "Storm of the Century" hits entire eastern seaboard with tornadoes, high winds, and heavy snows (2-4 feet); $5.0-$6.0 (6.3-7.6) billion damage/costs; approximately 270 deaths. 
FL-1993-000001-USA Flood United States Also known as the Great Flood of 1993; Severe, widespread flooding in central U.S. due to persistent heavy rains and thunderstorms; approximately $21.0 (26.7) billion damage/costs; 48 deaths. 
FL-1992-000008-PAK Flood Pakistan The government has declared a state of emergency following torrential rains in the north and centre of Pakistan since the middle of last week. The worst affected area appears to be Azad Kashmir. Over 2,000 people have been reported killed, roads and many bridges are damaged. Agricultural land and crops are seriously affected. The damage is described as enormous. Government authorities at all levels are undertaking emergency operations. The UN Resident Coordinator has convened the Disaster Management Team, consisting of government, UN and other donor representatives, who are working on a preliminary assessment of damage and needs. 
TC-1992-000007-VUT Tropical Cyclone Vanuatu TC Betsy, with average winds of 80 knots close to centre and gusting to 120 knots, is currently passing through central islands of Vanuatu, i.e. Pentecost, Ambrym, Epi and Malekula. Damage caused by winds and storm surge to coastal villages, infrastructure and buildings reported in northern Efate, Epi and Pentecost. Relocation of people to five evacuation centres underway in Efate. 
TC-1992-000006-VUT Tropical Cyclone Vanuatu Tropical cyclone Fran was the fifth cyclone, and the third within four weeks, to affect Vanuatu during 1991-92. Fran was also the second cyclone to cross the Queensland coast. 
TC-1992-000005-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam Turning gradually west-northwestwards at 18 km/h, Chuck made landfall over the southern coast of Hainan on the morning of 28 June. A weather observing station (Yaxian: 59948) recorded a mean sea-level pressure of 964.1 hPa as Chuck passed 40 km to its north-northeast that morning. After traversing the southwestern part of Hainan, Chuck entered Beibu Wan that evening. Still maintaining typhoon intensity, Chuck tracked to the northwest at 13 km/h over Beibu Wan. It made landfall over the northern part of Vietnam about 100 km east-southeast of Hanoi on the evening of 29 June and weakened rapidly over land. It finally dissipated in northern Vietnam on 30 June. In Hainan one person was killed and 19 others were injured. Houses damaged or destroyed totalled nearly 29 000. About 54 000 hectares of agricultural land were affected and almost 1 400 heads of livestock were killed. About 100 hectares of fresh water fish ponds were affected and 89 fishing boats capsized. Direct economic loss was estimated at 223 million RMB. Records of storm surge were also reported along the coastal areas of Guangxi. An estimated 7 000 hectares of rice paddy and fish ponds were ruined. More than 700 dykes were damaged and one person was killed. In northern Vietnam where Chuck landed, five people were killed, nine were reported missing and three were injured. Tens of ships capsized and dykes were ruined. In Hanoi, low-lying areas were flooded. About 500 trees were uprooted and 140 houses were damaged. 
TC-1992-000004-MMR Tropical Cyclone Myanmar 27 dead in Man-aung,Rambre,Kyaukpyu,Thandwe,Taungote and damage cost more than 150.0 million kyat. 
FR-1992-000003-SGP Fire Singapore The fire occurred at the boiler room of the ship tanker "Stolt Spur". Investigation revealed that the cause of the fire was due to the flammable liquid / solvents coming into contact with the naked flame (hot work) at the boiler flat level of the ship. A total of 6 people died in this tragic fire, 60 others were injured and the estimated property loss was in the region of 4 million dollars 
TC-1992-000002-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Andrew (category 5) hit Florida and Louisiana, high winds damage or destroy over 125,000 homes. NOAA reports $26.5 billion in damages. NOAA reports 23 direct deaths (38 indirect deaths). 
TC-1992-000001-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Iniki (category 4) hit Hawaiian island of Kauai; about $1.8 (2.4) billion damage/costs; 7 deaths. 
VO-1991-000013-IDN Volcano Indonesia Mount Lokon volcano in north Sulawesi first erupted Thursday 24 October 1991, at 09:31 hrs local time, followed by several weaker eruptions. Eruption is magmatic (fresh molten rock) throwing ash and smoke up to 2,000 meters high and glowing blocks up to 300 metres distance from crater. Weaker eruptions still continue to date. Few casualties reported. Glowing blocks caused minor damage to buildings. Main road in sub-district of Tomohon is covered by ashes ranging from 4 to 10 centimeters thick. 227 acres of plantation fields were destroyed and another 149 acres slightly damaged. Estimated total loss is USD 1,000,000. According to local authorities, 7,679 out of 9,031 inhabitants from villages Kinilow, Tinoor I and Tinoor Ii were evacuated to neighbouring villages. 
TC-1991-000012-MHL Tropical Cyclone Marshall Islands On 28 Nov 91 typhoon Zelda (average windforce of 75-100 mph) caused damage in republic of Marshall Islands. Islands hit are Kwajalein, Majuro, Lae, Ujae, Wotho and Eniwetok. Reports indicate following affected population and damage: Ebeye (on island Kwajalein): no deaths, no cases of serious injuries, 5,000 homeless, 60 percent buildings damaged. Power lines partially cut, hospital still intact. Serious damage to water and sewerage. Islands Ujae and Lae: 90 percent buildings damaged. 
FL-1991-000011-CHN Flood China, People's Republic Torrential rain in Anhui province from 18 May to 19 June with rainfall of over 400 cm in two-thirds of the province, has resulted in the overflowing of rivers and water loggings, causing heavy flooding throughout the province.  
FL-1991-000010-PHL Flood Philippines Heavy rains caused by Tropical Storm Uring which struck central Philippines on 5 November 1991 resulted in devastating flash floods in islands of Negros and Leyte. Assessment of damage and needs by local authorities is still underway. Electricity and communications not operational in affected areas. Initial reports provided by Central Office of Civil Defense (OCD) yield following data: casualties: dead 2,155, injured 37, missing 312 (an additional 1,800 persons are unconfirmed missing); population affected: 177,786; damage: 12 bridges totally or partially destroyed.  
FL-1991-000009-VNM Flood Viet Nam UNDRO/UNDP Resident Representative reports renewed serious flooding in Mekong delta which started end August 1991 and continues. Full extent of loss yet unknown. National Committee on Flood and Storm Control reported 18 September 1991 initial list of damages/losses in the southern provinces of An Giang, Long An, Dong Thap and Kien Giang: Deaths 21, Rice fields flooded 68,000 ha, Rice fields destroyed 32,000 ha, Houses flooded 54,000, Houses collapsed 120, Classrooms flooded 2,000, Relocation of households to higher elevations 11,000. UNDRO/UNDP Representative is in consultation with government and will revert as further details become available. UNDRO has requested Un Disaster Management Team to meet with government, donors, and NGO's as appropriate to facilitate consolidated information on damage and needs and country level response. As yet no request for international assistance received. 
TC-1991-000008-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam Typhoon Frankie, the first major storm to hit Vietnam this year, struck the northern part of the country on 24 July. The most affected provinces are Nam Ha, Thai Binh and Ninh Binh provinces, where heavy rains caused floods, and the wind hit the ports hard, damaging 354 fishing boats. The Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control has provided a consolidated report on the impact of the typhoon as of 28 July. The report states that 41 people have died, 224 are injured and 24 are missing. 22,310 houses collapsed, whilst 194,651 houses were submerged. Approx. 8,000 classrooms were affected by the impact, as well as approx. 2,400 hospital rooms. The committee also reports the loss of 37,755 ha of rice fields, whilst 177,875 ha of rice fields were submerged. Also roads, water resources and electricity equipment have been affected. 
TC-1991-000007-VNM Tropical Cyclone Viet Nam UNDRO/UNDP representative reports that on 17 August 1991, Typhoon Fred struck central Vietnam provinces of Quang-Bin and Ha Tinh. Neighbouring provinces of Than Hor and Nghe affected also. Preliminary information received from national commission on storm and flood control. Damage/losses can be summarized as follows: 5 deaths, 16 injured, 3,331 houses collapsed and 99,630 roofs blown off, more than 40 hospitals, dispensaries and schools, equally affected, dykes, roads, bridges severely damaged and power lines broken, 67,600 ha rice and subsidiary crops flooded, damaged or destroyed, irrigation works seriously affected.  
TC-1991-000006-PHL Tropical Cyclone Philippines After changing course, Typhoon Ruth reached northern tip of Luzon Island, some 400 km north of Manila, Sunday 27 October. At 1200 GMT 27 October, its position was 18.0 degrees north and 122.0 degrees east, and typhoon forecast to move westward across Northern Luzon. Maximum winds near centre estimated at 200 km per hour (125 mph). According to preliminary information, landslides closed mountain roads leading to city of Baguio. Power lines downed. Four people reported killed by falling trees/roofs. Authorities alerted population in area around volcano Pinatubo against mudflows 
DR-1991-000005-USA Drought United States Drought conditions over parts of the West, Central and eastern U.S. most affected the states IL, IN, KS, MN, OH, OR, PA, SD, and WA. US$6.5b 
FR-1991-000004-MMR Fire Myanmar Meikhtila fire that destroyed 3261 houses and killed 31 people and damaged properties worth 695 million kyat on 7 April 1991. 
VO-1991-000003-PHL Volcano Philippines Mt.Pinatubo eruption 
TC-1991-000002-USA Tropical Cyclone United States Hurricane Bob (category 2) hit mainly coastal North Carolina, Long Island, and New England. NOAA reports $1.5 billion in damages. Bob was responsible for six deaths in the region, all in Connecticut. 
WF-1991-000001-USA Wild fire United States The firestorm erupted in a densely populated, exclusive neighborhood with poor vehicle access, causing an extreme amount of damage in less than a 24-hour period. The fire took hold due to very dry vegetation and was quickly whipped out of control by strong local winds.Long-term Strategic Impact: Resulted in a complete overhaul of the State of California Office of Emergency Services emergency management incident command system.Calculated Damages: 25 dead, 150 injuries, $1.7 billion economic losses including 3,354 homes and 456 apartments destroyed. 
VO-1990-000010-IDN Volcano Indonesia Eruption of Mt. Kelud (alt. 1731 metres) in east java on 10 February 1990 at 11.41 a.m (local time) caused 20 people reported dead, five missing, 81 injured from landslides and falling ash/rocks. Regencies of Blitar and Kediri most affected. 181 houses and public buildings destroyed or seriously damaged. In view earlier warnings for major eruption, 42,770 people evacuated to safer areas. Second eruption reported on 12 February. Two eruptions disgorged estimated total 220 million cubic metres of lava, ash and stones. Most drinking water sources within 35 km radius of volcano polluted by fallout. 
TC-1990-000009-CHN Tropical Cyclone China, People's Republic On August 20, 31 and September 4, 8, severe typhoons successively hit Fuijan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu provinces and Shanghai municipality, generating floods and causing vast losses to lives and property. 
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