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Event: EQ Earthquake
Number: 2007-000102
Country: JPN Japan
Location: Niigata prefecture, Nagano prefecture
Date (YMD): 2007-7-16
Time: 10:13AM
Magnitude: 6.8
Information Source:NHK on line
Comments: A powerful earthquake hit Niigata and Nagno Prefecure in Central Japan at 10:13AM, July 16,2007. There are reports of leaving 9 people dead, at least 900 injuries and houses fallen, some of them on fire. The Meteorological Agency says the focus of the quake, with an estimated magnitude of 6.8, was about 17 kilometers under the sea floor off Niigata. The Agency immediately issued a tsunami tidal wave warning for parts of Niigata and Sado Island off the prefecture, but lifted it about one hour later.
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