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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2010-000087
Country: TJK Tajikistan
Location: South region
Date (YMD): 2010-5-10
Information Source:IFRC DREF MDRTJ010
Comments: The torrential rains of 7 May, 2010, caused floods and mudslides in Tajikistan. In total 10 districts were affected in the south regions, of wich Vose, Muminabad, Temurmalik, Baljuvon and Shurabad districts and Kulyab town of Kulyab region, as well as Nurek, J. Rumi, Yovon and Jilikul districts of Kurgan-tube region. According to the preliminary data received from RCST regional branches, the average number of disaster affected residencies in both regions is some 1059 houses (or 6354 people), out of which 179 houses totally destroyed. On the report of RCST staff and volunteers 60 people were killed, but at this stage only 13 people officially reported by the government, 40-50 are missing, 40 hospitalized and 85 injured.
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