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Event: OT Other
Number: 2015-000148
Country: IDN Indonesia
Location: Sumatra and Kalimantan
Date (YMD): 2015-3-1
Duration: 8
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: Forest and land fires which occurred in some of the islands of Borneo (Kalimantan) and Sumatra resulted in a very dense haze, with conditions on the round getting more and more serious. The Centre for Health Crisis of Ministry of Health (CHC/MOH) reported that the forest fire which caused this haze started on 1 March 2015 in Riau Province. By now the affected area spread into six other provinces, four in kalimantan (West, East, South and Central Kalimantan) and three in Sumatra Island (Jambi, Riau and South Sumatera). In the last few weeks, the haze has also affected neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The intensification of this disaster is the consequence of El Nino in the region, with severe droughts and significant delay of the rainy season, therefore preventing the effect of the rain on forest fires. BMKG (National Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics Agency) recorded the number of hotspots as 1,200 points spread in Sumatra and Borneo (where Kalimantan region is located). On the island of Sumatra, there are 771 hotspots spread across several provinces, including Bengkulu (33 points), Jambi (99 points), Bangka Belitung (41 points), Lampung (42 points), Riau (28 points), West Sumatra (8 points), and South Sumatra with 530 points. On the island of Borneo, 429 hot spots are spread across four provinces, namely West Kalimantan (154 points), South Kalimantan (65 points), Central Kalimantan (74 points), and 136 points in East Kalimantan.
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