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Event: CE Complex Emergency
Number: 2008-000279
Country: PHL Philippines
Date (YMD): 2008-8-5
Information Source:Amnesty, IDCM
Comments: The insurgency in the southern Philippines is one of the world's longest-running civil conflicts. A new cycle of conflict and displacement then broke out in 2008 after the Supreme Court declared the Memorandum of Agreement on the issue of an autonomous Moro homeland, which would have given broader powers to the Muslim leadership and widened the territories of the existing Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), unconstitutional. In August 2008, MILF combatants responded by launching attacks on Christian communities in Cotabato Province and later in Lanao del Norte Province. By the end of the year it was estimated that more than 600,000 people had been displaced.
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