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Event: DR Drought
Number: 2019-000042
Country: PRK Korea, Democratic People's Republic
Date (YMD): 2019-1-1
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: Democratic People's Republic of Korea has been suffering of consecutive droughts since 2014. Entering 2019, DPRK has experienced unusually erratic weather conditions with little precipitation, limiting available soil moisture for growth of winter crops and planting of spring crops, as well as replenishment of irrigation water reservoirs. The temperatures over the last couple of months have also been higher than normal. Early spring precipitation has so far not been enough to redress the imbalance, and only very good late spring/early summer rains will do so. The conditions for soil moisture and irrigation are at an alarming level. The current lack of precipitation and soil moisture will not only affect winter and spring-planted crops, but also the planting of the main crop to be harvested in September. With the current agricultural conditions, millions of people are at risk of malnutrition. Any threat to food security will have a serious effect on an already stressed population in terms of food availability and the risk of increased malnutrition, which will affect the most vulnerable sectors of the affected population: children, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, and those with underlying illnesses.
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