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Number: 2019-000046
Country: MNG Mongolia
Location: Southern parts (Khentii, Tuv, Dornogovi, Umnugovi, Bayankhongor
, Uvurkhangai and Govi-Altai)
Date (YMD): 2019-5-10
Duration: 2
Information Source:IFRC
Comments: Heavy snowfall and violent wind gusts hit southern parts of Mongolia between 10 May and 11 May 2019. According to the National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring (NAMEM), wind speeds fluctuated between 18 and 24 m/s (-17 degrees Celsius wind chill factor) and reached 28 to 30 m/s (-24 degrees Celsius wind chill factor) in parts of Govi-Altai and Bayankhongor provinces. Early warnings were disseminated through multiple media and social media channels. However, due to the sudden change of weather (within 30 to 40 minutes), many herders did not have enough time to save their livestock from the storm. According to current estimates, pover 11,000 sheep units of livestock have perished as a result of the extreme weather condition. The melting of the accumulated snow (up to 30 centimeters) poses a risk of flash loods especially in Sevrei and Tsogttsetsii soums of Umnugovi province.
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