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Event: FR Fire
Number: 2019-000121
Country: MDV Maldives
Date (YMD): 2019-9-20
Information Source:Maldives National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)
Comments: On 20 September 2019, around 19:30, a fire broke out through a residential area of the Maldives capital, Malé City, displacing more than 300 people. The fire happened in the ward/area of Henveiru in Malé City, in a building named Henveiru Thilafushige' - a residential building which also housed a chemical go-down on the ground floor. According to the Maldives National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), over 700 people (450 males, 336 females) were affected, including over 100 migrant workers. The NDMA also stated that varying degrees of damage were sustained to the surrounding buildings, which totals 24. Of the 24 buildings, 8 that are uninhabitable after the fire, will be completely demolished. The damage assessments are being carried out to determine the extent of loss in the area. Most of the buildings are residential buildings with multiple apartments contributing to the large number of displaced people.
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