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Event: OT Other
Number: 2019-000127
Country: CYP Cyprus
Date (YMD): 2019-10-11
Information Source:Cyprus Red Cross Society, IFRC
Comments: Currently, monthly migrant arrivals are, on average, more than two hundred fifty (250); a number which has been maintained, since April 2019. This influx, which began during September 2018, has been progressively increasing at an alarming rate, surpassing all expectations/predictions in May 2019. Most of the new migrant arrivals up to June 2019 were men of Syrian origin. However, according to the UNHCR, since the 1st of June 2019, Turkey, following negotiations with the occupied areas ?authorities', introduced a visa requirement for all Syrians who wish to travel to the occupied areas of Cyprus. Therefore, the Syrians are now required to pay for a visa in order to enter the occupied areas of Cyprus from Turkey, which translates to a significant cost, as well as a long waiting period, and a possibility of rejecting their visa request. For this reason, the number of migrants of Syrian origin diminished, while concomitantly the number of migrants of African origin increased. Indeed, according to UNHCR findings, African nationals enter the occupied areas to study in the Universities located there; however, they are tricked about the living conditions and job opportunities, while the recognition of their University degrees is questionable (Maren Wickwire: Manifest Media for Foreign Policy - Unable to survive and desperate to avoid exploitation, they are fleeing from the occupied areas to the areas controlled by the Government of Cyprus, seeking asylum. Stemming from the above, it is evident that the pattern of arrivals cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty and are not dependent on weather conditions.
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