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Event: DR Drought
Number: 2020-000017
Country: VNM Viet Nam
Date (YMD): 2020-1-24
Information Source:Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority (VNDMA)
Comments: According to the Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority (VNDMA) under the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD) that 10 of the 13 provinces with 74/137 districts, in Mekong River Delta are affected by drought and saltwater intrusion. More than 685,000 people across the Mekong Delta have their access to livelihoods and basic services disrupted. The drought and saltwater intrusion and its impacts affect agricultural production, with an estimated loss of production from about 460,000 hectares, limited access to safe water for 200,000 households, who do not have regular and sufficient access to water for drinking and other domestic use.
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