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Event: EP Epidemic
Number: 2019-000184
Country: BGD Bangladesh
Date (YMD): 2019-9-30
Information Source:WHO
Comments: Refugee camps in Bangladesh have seen a sustained high number of measles cases from September through November 2019. More than 1,510 measles cases have been reported for 2019, with over 110 of these manifesting only in the last week. (WHO, 1 Dec 2019). In December, instances of measles have risen. During the first week of the month, another 125 suspected measles cases reported to the WHO. (WHO, 8 Dec 2019) As of 22 December, there were 2,175 measles cases reported during 2019. The number of suspected cases reported during Week 51 was 157. A Measles Outbreak Response Immunization is scheduled to occur from 12 January to 12 February, 2020. The immunization will target an age group ranging from six months old to less than 10 years old in the camp population (WHO, 22 Dec 2019). As of 29 December, there were 210 suspected measles cases were reported during week 52. This brings the total measles cases during 2019 to 2,446 with 0.1% morbidity (WHO, 29 Dec 2019). During the first week of 2020, there were 264 measles cases reported with 0.7 per cent morbidity. The number of measles cases has remained high since September 2019 (WHO, 5 Jan 2020). More than 370 suspected measles cases were reported between 13 and 19 of January. This brings the total of measles cases reported in 2020 to almost 1,100. The instances of reported measles cases has continued to rise through the month. (WHO, 19 Jan 2020).
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