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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2020-000125
Country: TZA Tanzania
Location: Kilimanjaro, Kagera, Katavi, Mara, ManyaraKigoma and Rukwa
Date (YMD): 2020-4-22
Duration: 4
Information Source:Tanzania Red Cross Society and IFRC
Comments: Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) weather forecast indicated above normal rainfall for the period from March and May 2020 with risks of flooding in some regions. In total five regions are now experiencing flooding as a result of increased rainfall displacing thousands of people. Lindi and Pwani regions in the south east of the country were the first to experience flooding early this year. TRCS requested a DREF allocation to offer relief to 2,501 displaced families in Lindi region. Between 22nd and 26th April 2020, the country has recorded increased rainfall in the northern part where seven regions (Kilimanjaro, Kagera, Katavi, Mara , Manyara, Kigomaand Rukwa) are reporting flooding and landslides since April 24.
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