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Event: OT Other
Number: 2020-000169
Country: PHL Philippines
Date (YMD): 2020-6-30
Information Source:Philippines Red Cross (PRC)
Comments: A large-scale movement of people from Sabah, Malaysia to the Philippines commenced on 30 June 2020. Some 5,300 Filipinos are expected to return in groups of up to 400 people in 15-day intervals. Zamboanga City, where a PRC Chapter is also present, serves as processing area for the Returning Filipinos from Sabah. Returnees are being COVID-19 tested in Malaysia pre-departure and go into quarantine upon their arrival in the Philippines, either in Zamboanga City or in their home provinces. PRC staff and volunteers from the local chapters have access to the returnees in the quarantine facilities and are undertaking assessments. Returnees have been in detention in Sabah for 6 to 12 months pre-return. A total of 395 people arrived in the first group of returns of which 306 are from Tawi-Tawi, 35 from Sulu, 13 from Basilan, 12 from Zamboanga City, eight from Zamboanga del Norte, five from Zamboanga del Sur, four from Zamboanga Sibugay, and 12 others are from other cities and provinces while two each from General Santos City and La Union and one each from Cebu, Negros Occidental, Davao City, Bukidnon, Lanao del Sur, Bohol, Cavite and Siquijor. The first group of returnees is comprised of men, women and children and while some are in family groups, many have returned as individuals. Disaggregated data is still being collected.
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