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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 2021-000040
Country: PHL Philippines
Date (YMD): 2021-4-18
Information Source:
Comments: The passage of Tropical Cyclone SURIGAE over the Philippine Sea continues to affect the eastern coast of central and northern Philippines, resulting in four fatalities and 13 injured people, as reported by national authorities on 22 April. More than 235,750 people have been affected across Cagayan Valley, Bicol, Eastern Visayas and Caraga Regions.
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Tropical Cyclone,Palau: Tropical Disturbance (Invest 94W) centered southeast of Yap and Palau on 13 April, upgraded to Tropical Storm 02W (Surigae) on the 14 April, and a Typhoon Watch on the 16 April until 17 April. Typhoon Surigae passed over the north of Palau closest to Kayangel state with up to 136 km/h sustained wind speeds. Heavy rainfall and swells caused power outage, disrupted communication services, water cuts and road blockages from fallen debris, and landslides. Homes have been damaged or destroyed along with valuable belongings and farming investments. Around 301 people evacuated to 20 safe shelters, with no lives lost.