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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2021-000053
Country: ETH Ethiopia
Date (YMD): 2021-4-26
Information Source:UNOCHA
Comments: The Early Warning Department of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission released the second issue of the National Flood Alert listing additional areas at risk of flooding and landslides, while several parts of the country continue to receive average to above average Belg/spring season rainfall since April. In Afar Region, some 27,400 persons have been displaced by flooding due to heavy rain and winds in Gulina, Ewa, and Beyalo, Dulecha, Harunka, and Mile Woredas. Livestock death was also reported. In SNNP Region, hailstorm damaged crops in Chama Hembecho and Afama Mino Kebeles of Boloso Sore Woreda in Wolayta Zone and some 250 hectares of land has been flooded in Abela Abaya Woreda. Some 11,200 households have been displaced and 8,019 households affected by flooding due to heavy Gu rains in Shabelle, Jarar, Dolo, Afder, Fafan, and Korahe Zones of Somali Region. The flooding also resulted in the death of 7,069 sheep and goats, 17 camels, 609 cows and damaged 4,049 hectares of cropland. Nine people were also reportedly killed in Dire Dawa City following the collapse of a wall due to heavy rains on 2 May 2021.
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