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Event: EP Epidemic
Number: 2022-000183
Country: KEN Kenya
Location: Garba Tula, Merti sub-counties and tarjab
Date (YMD): 2022-3-3
Information Source:Kenya Red Cross
Comments: Due to the anticipated start of March, April and May long rains, there is likelihood of geographical increase in the coming weeks/months for the two diseases. The mosquito vector will most likely increase and hence the two vector-borne diseases and even the regular outbreak of Rift Valley fever is like to emerge and compound the whole situation in more counties than the ones under consideration. The last time Chikungunya epidemic was in 2016 and then it affected 4 counties, and hence our prediction is more than the 2 counties (Wajir - Mandera) will fall into the response mode in the coming two months. Yellow Fever epidemic on the other hand was in 1992/93 and the current scenario may extend to more than 6 counties (Isiolo, Wajir, Garissa, Baringo, Elgeyo Markwet, West Pokot and Turkana). This is the earliest opportunity to indicate the likelihood of increase of needs on new geographical areas beyond the current areas. based on the emergency outbreak declared by the government, YF and Chikungunya are vector borned diseases actually spreading in the mentioned localities.
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