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Event: CE Complex Emergency
Number: 2022-000200
Country: CPV Cape Verde
Location: Porto Novo in Santo Antão, Sao Domingos, Santa Cruz
and Ribeira Grande in île de Santiago.
Date (YMD): 2022-4-13
Information Source:
Comments: he 2021 - 2022 agro-pastoral season was characterised by a late start and early end to the rains throughout the country. Overall, agricultural production varied from low to zero, depending on the agro-climatic strata of the municipalities. This situation led the Government of Cape Verde to declare a national disaster. This is contrary to the forecasts of the Agrhymet Centre, which predicted a season with normal to surplus rainfall overall and a regular to early start for the Sahel region. Given the unfavourable conditions associated with the agro-pastoral agricultural season, some of the country's municipalities are in a situation of acute food insecurity. The results of the Harmonized Framework (March 2022), presented at the Regional Food Crisis Prevention and Management Mechanism (PREGEC) held from 28 to 30 March 2022, show a current situation of food insecurity affecting 29,421 people in the crisis phase (Ph 3), and 1,076 people in the emergency phase (Ph 4), mainly on the island of Santiago (in the municipality of Ribera Grande, which was the only one observed in phase 3), and a projected situation for this year's lean season (June to August 2022) of 46,093 food insecure people (10% of the population) of which 43,003 are in crisis (Ph 3) and 3,090 in emergency (Ph 4). The most affected areas will be 4 municipalités: Porto Novo in Santo Antão, Sao Domingos, Santa Cruz and Ribeira Grande in île de Santiago.
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