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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2022-000261
Country: GEO Georgia
Location: Tianeti, Dusheti, Tkibuli, Ambrolauri, Senaki and Zugdidi
Date (YMD): 2022-6-121
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Comments: Through June 21-26, 2022, heavy rains and strong wind seriously affected five municipalities (Tianeti, Dusheti, Tkibuli, Ambrolauri, Senaki and Zugdidi) in eastern Georgia. Central and adjacent streets were flooded, roads were blocked by massive trees, most villages were flooded, as well as bridges and inland roads, houses, road infrastructure, perennials and power transmission towers were damaged. It became necessary to evacuate and move several families to a safe place. In addition, strong winds blew the roof off several houses in Ambrolauri Municipality. people were heavily affected by the emergency. Through June 22-23, local authorities of the affected municipalities officially approached the Georgia Red Cross Society (GRCS) with the kind request to support the affected population. Based on the information received from the GRCS branches and volunteers involved in the response activities, as well as from the local authorities of the affected municipalities, the heavy rain and the wind caused severe damages of roofs, ground/first floors (where people generally stock food and hygiene items for long-term use) and entrances. Agricultural lands and fruit trees are also destroyed. Agriculture is a primary source of income of the households in affected municipalities of Georgia. The damage caused by the disaster is foreseen to bring a heavy impact on the livelihood of the people affected. Special commission established by the Government of Georgia is calculating the damage caused by the heavy rain in the municipalities of Georgia. Georgia Red Cross has mobilized in total 20 volunteers in the affected five branches in affected regions for assessing the situation on the ground. Rapid assessment conducted by the GRCS volunteers also revealed that the main immediate need of the affected population is food and non-food items. The Emergency Management Service (EMS) under the Ministry of Interior in Georgia is actively involved in the liquidation works of the flooding and the landslide in the affected municipalities. Liquidation works include cleaning and restoring the essential parts of the damaged areas, properties, and infrastructures in the immediate aftermath of the emergency.
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