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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2022-000292
Country: LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
Location: Huaphan, Xayabouly, Borkeo, Luangprabang, Vientiane Capital
, Salavan, Savanakhet, and Champasak Provinces
Date (YMD): 2022-8-15
Information Source:Lao Red Cross
Comments: Early August, heavy rains hit Laos countrywide followed by a tropical storm that caused widespread Floods in North, Central, and South of Laos. The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare released an official report on 15 August 2022 that 08 provinces (Huaphan, Xayabouly, Borkeo, Luangprabang, Vientiane Capital, Salavan, Savanakhet, and Champasak) were affected. The rainfall brought widespread flooding and landslides causing roads to become impassable, water and electricity supplies have been cut and many residents evacuated. In Xayaboury, Houng River overflowed, swamping riverside villages and partially submerging houses. People who have been forced to leave their homes now need clothing, food and drinking water amongst other needs described in the needs assessments, while authorities are assessing the extent of the flooding and collecting information about the number of people affected.
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