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Event: CE Complex Emergency
Number: 2022-000375
Country: ETH Ethiopia
Location: Tigray and co-affected borders areas
Date (YMD): 2022-12-12
Information Source:Ethiopian Red Cross and IFRC
Comments: There has been lack of humanitarian access to Tigray region and communication have been shut down for nearly two years, which has resulted in limited information on the scale of the needs within Tigray region. The Ethiopian RC has had sporadic contact with its Branches in Tigray during the two-year conflict, but with the signing of the peace agreement information flow has improved and reports on humanitarian needs are coming in and they have already initiated preliminary assessments. According to the OCHA Situation report for Tigray on December 6th, the entire region is hard to reach with population's access to humanitarian assistance and services being highly restricted. The security situation in the area is still volatile. The Ethiopian RC with its regional, zonal and branches are well positioned to distribute immediate life-saving assistance to difficult to reach areas and to conduct rapid and comprehensive multi-sectoral assessment with support from the National Office, the IFRC, PNSs and ICRC. While access constraints have previously limited detailed assessments, current information indicates that approximately 5.4 million people in Tigray are in need of humanitarian assistance. According to WFP Emergency Food Security Assessment in August 2022, Food insecurity in Tigray increased by six percentage points between November 2021 and June 2022. 89 percent of the surveyed households are classified as food insecure and 47 % are severely food insecure. Furthermore, over 75 % of the households reported that they do not have access to markets and 85 percent reported that they do not use markets due to lack of cash to purchase food, the report states.
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